Monday, January 20, 2014

The problems with painting the town red

Arvind Kejriwal. Who the fuck is this asshole? He seems to have no soul. It's probably been sold. To a greater devil than evil itself. The mystery unravels in his source of funding. He wants to damn the Republic Day, our confirmation of patriotism for the closet anti-national communist's wet dream: sexism. They love that shit don't they? There is a difference between men and women and they will point to it and shout about it, and claim that the country needs to be 'fixed' because the two are still not equal. They know it will never be, here's Physics being a bitch again, but this is a constant boogeyman that they can blame for their distress. An ointment to cure all, made with the finest of snake-oils. Perfect. Here's Physics being a bitch again, but a helpful one at that.

He is currently staging a dharna in Delhi while the Delhi Police is being used to quell his agitation. Is this what the idiots in Delhi wanted? Is he going to start a Thailand style protest movement? There is a reason that the Delhi Police comes under the Union Government and not the State Government. The whole point is to make a coup unlikely. Can you imagine having a coup in India? What a disaster of epic proportions that would be. Oh, the humanity of such a situation. And I wonder what's eliciting such a reaction from me? It's because this is not something I would have considered as even a remote possibility before this chap waltzed into the dizzying heights of national politics, stepping on the heads of giants.

You see, we don't want an errant CM, let's say for the sake of our example, Kejriwal, to be able to use the police to invade parliament. What if one day Kejriwal gets a call from his handlers and picks up the 'Rape' issue to stage a protest against and then decides to turn houses of government into Enclaves with the help of State controlled Delhi Police? (It's getting mighty confusing isn't it? He is part of the government, protesting against the government while claiming to be an ordinary man, while acting like a despot leading a population of intellectual pygmies.) What does the Union Government do in that case? Bring in the Army to fight the Police? What will the Union do when the ordinary man on the street falls for Kejriwal's deception and demands his populist but essentially anti-national measure be implemented. Will the army shoot at civilians? There is a reason that the Delhi Police comes under the Union Government and not the State Government.

Kejriwal knows this, and he also knows that the public won't support him just yet. He needs to get the Police. Once that duck is in line, the next would be the morons er... I mean the aam aadmi. This is not to say that they are all Idiots. The voices of the few intelligent ones will be drowned out by the rabble of the hoi polloi. Then comes the coup de grace. Here's to hoping all of this just remains fantastical speculation.

Now, we wait and watch.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Honey, I shrunk the kid. Updated.

Edit 4:

I'm hearing lots of chatter, and I can't really tell what is true and what is not. I should really wait before I comment further, but for those who believe this load of crock the 'Officials' are churning out , I have a bridge to sell you, here in Manhattan. Please use Coupon Code: SUCKER for an extra 50% off.

Edit 3:

What the Fuck??!! The Delhi Police has already ruled it a suicide!!!

Her body is still warm and they have already released their 'findings'. There is no way in hell that the Delhi cops have modernized and streamlined to such a level that they can perform an autopsy and crime scene investigation, collect the results, and come to a conclusion so fast. I am a fucking layman and I was more careful than the cops as can be seen below, I did not want to say anything before more facts were available. Do they think that there is no need to investigate just because it looks like a suicide? Or is it because a union minister said so? How difficult is it to stage a suicide? How easy is it for a minister to lie? Bullshit.

Edit 2: Now it seems Shashi Tharoor was in the hotel with her? And, he was the one that called the cops to inform them. This is way too convenient.

Now we wait and watch. But as they say in Hindi: Daal mein kuch kaala.


Apparently Sunanda Pushkar, tharoor's wife has been found dead in a hotel room in New Delhi. They are reporting that she was sick and hospitalized this week, and now she is dead. All of this is fishy to say the least. I heard no such report of her being sick until the reports that she is dead.
Several questions come to mind:

If she was sick, what was she doing in a hotel?
Did she know her days were numbered and hence decide to tweet the truth from her husband's twitter account? As a sort of final middle finger to her husband?
Was she bumped off because she knew too much? This is the most convenient time, the blame would fall on her, no? "Suicide, obviously!"
Or was it really a suicide?
I want to say let's wait for the autopsy but with the quislings in power, I'd rather just read tea leaves, at least there is a chance of stumbling on to the truth through the sheer accident of probability in the latter.


Well, well, well...

What is Tharoor's cock(Yeah, you read that right, alright!) up to now?

When I first heard about this Indian man at the UN contesting for such a high position, I was intrigued. And like countless other Indians, I quickly became a fan. I really liked his academic qualifications, his manner of speech and his accomplishments in general. But they always ask you to never judge a book by its cover and I guess in this case it would have been prudent advise had I followed it. I think I even have a blog post about him although I struggle to find it now. Okay, I lied, I did not try searching for it. Too many posts have flowed under the bridge since then.

Then, things happened that showed me that Mr. Tharoor was just as easily corruptible as any other in power. Some of his decisions were highly questionable for a man of his intelligence unless he'd been bought. And slowly but surely, I began disliking him. He was exactly like the educated class of India, self-hating, west aping and with no real conviction. He was the embodiment of everything about them that I disliked. Despicable. Needless to say, I suspect everything about him.

As I understand from my sources, and a dispassionate analysis of the events as they have unfolded, this is is what I think has happened.

The affair is real. Per Sunanda, his wife, it's been going on since April of last year. She's found messages between them on his blackberry, some of these were uploaded to his twitter account by his wife, a sort of cyber revenge like that cheated on wife that keys the husbands car and spray paints 'CHEATING S.O.B' on it.

The journalist may be a honeypot, hence the reference to her being an ISI agent by his wife, though there is doubt as to how she'd know this. But there have been several honeypots that have been successfully used on Indian diplomats and officers. We Indian men are weak like that. Our women don't put out, they're coy to a fault leaving most of us sexual imbeciles and ripe targets for honeypot-ing. A honeypot is basically a female agent that coaxes information out of enemy targets, a sort of real-life female James Bond and obviously without the dramatic action sequences or gadgets, so basically just the sex.

Sources tell me that the Journalist is known to be quite the fame-digger, and has had other similar situations to her credit. Details which I won't reveal here suggest an almost teenage sort of online behavior. And, I don't even want to touch the whole marrying his wife after the IPL scandal thing.

With this kind of behavior, it is shocking that there has been absolutely no investigation by anyone yet, granted that there is no need to make a spectacle of things such as a law suit, but a cursory look at the facts of the case by a security agency possibly covertly, especially since it concerns a possible relationship between a minister of the union and an enemy national is not uncalled for. Is the NSA asleep? Does the INC care about the security of the nation? I know my answers to these questions.

My advice to Tharoor is; don't let your dick do the thinking, man, at least not all the time, it's nothing but trouble, especially when it comes to matters of national security.


Update: I'm going to slow down my rate of churning out articles, I really want to play up the 'funny' and go back to a more pictorial format. We'll see how it goes.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


This is hilarious. Please excuse the TOIlet link, I really do not have the time to find a link from a more reputable newspaper. Hahaha, I kid, I kid, there is no such thing as a reputable newspaper. They have all been tainted, each and every single one of them without exception, and especially more so in India. But there is no denying that some do not have as much advertising vomit as TOIlet.

But come now, let us not digress...

What is so funny about that situation? Well, let me explain what's happening here. We all know that the Brits have... How should I put this politely... gone completely batshit insane in their efforts at "secularism", one only need yell, nay, whisper 'I'm offended' in the UK to have a commission set up to hear your grievance and bring the offending party to justice. Be it sexism or racism, or indeed any sort of '-ism' and not to mention our favorite 'Islamophobia' the government will be there in the trenches with you, almost literally falling over itself in a race to make sure the minority in you is appeased.

Somewhere in the UK a woman cries sexism and they chop some guy's balls off before throwing him under the bus, somewhere in the UK, a man alleges 'Islamophobia' and someone somewhere loses a parliament seat, and the large gang of men of "South Asian" descent miraculously walk free from their rape trial. There is always someone that has to pay. That someone is usually an average person/average sensibility from the majority, which in the UK is a mid twenties young employed christian white male. (Similarly this would be a early twenties young salaried Hindu male in India)

It's all good until the majority is the one that is the convenient patsy. The fun starts when the offender ends up being one from the oppressed camp, then all hell breaks lose with each "oppressed group" trying to prove that they are the more oppressed and the more deserving of special consideration. Allow me to explain with the help of this example in the link.

The problem started when some Muslim idiot realized that he'd have to interact with persons from the opposite sex for one of his class assignments. Ahem, give this guy a pat on his back, and an honorary PhD. while you're at it, he surely deserves one for his acute powers of observations. So he did the logical thing one would in his situation, kicked and screamed the magic words: 'Islamophobia! help I'm being oppressed because I am a Muslim'

Swiftly and with prejudice, the UUK ( An association of all the deans of universities in the UK) swooped in, to avenge this injustice by the oppressive laws of the white westerners that allows men and women to mingle freely, and made religion based segregation legal.

All was well, until a young feminist minded woman (of Indian descent), decided to throw a spanner in the works. It's funny how these groups that are seemingly allies in most cases, i.e; the Secularists, the Muslims, and the Feminists should have one of their own do this to them. And a BIG spanner did she throw.

We would not have heard a peep from her had the original student had non-halal meat removed from campus or had Sanskrit classes stopped on campus due to his religious sensitivities. The problem occurred because unfortunately this time, this young feminist in a display of mental gymnastics common to all three of these aforementioned groups realized there was indeed a way of spinning this into an instance of sexism against women. Talk about placing a fly in the ointment!

"How can women be excluded? This is a slippery slope", she tells us. (Indeed, men can be excluded as well, sweetheart, the law allows for segregation of sexes for religious purposes not 'denial of admission' or 'segregation of women away from men who are the logical base group' for religious purposes, but this is somehow a women's rights issue and men need not apply apparently)

Now, we find the Secularists in a bit of a dilemma, they've just realized how Physics can be a bit of a bitch sometimes. There are no absolute directions. My left is the opposing guy's right and another guy's up and and another guy's down. you can't turn 'left' for everyone, and if you try, you'll loop around so far that you'll emerge on the right.

The (militant left) vs (extremist right) is not a question of (good) vs (bad), but a question of (bad) vs (bad in a different way)

For added comic relief, please find the liberal/secular/feminist/commie tropes in this quote that is chock-a-block with them from the young feminist in question: (5 marks)

"I feel that religious sensibilities are taking precedence over basic equality laws and universal human rights protocols and I think equality must always trump religious belief. Of course religious belief is important, but equality trumps it," she added.

In other words; My equality is more equal than yours. Can someone spell "brain-washed cliche parrot"?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hindus on the internet or how I learned to stop worrying and became an internet Hindu

I have two drafts of a post detailing the role of the left in India and why I think it is an abhorrent philosophy, but I scrapped both for this one. I always wanted to write an article on this modern day Indian Jezebel, in a style reminiscent of my older blog posts. But as a more mature adult, I have too much shit to get done, hence this abridged version:

Look at this moron, no really, look at her. Doesn't that empty soulless look on her face make it an awesome target for a nice tight slap?

Yes, it is that 'Bimbo', as Ravinar from Mediacrooks likes to call her repeatedly, but I think he's being generous, I have a special place in my heart for this traitor, she is a part of that group that I like to call the Cackling Commie Cunts or tripcee for short(KRECians please forgive me) other illustrious members of this group include Burkha Dutt, Teesta Setalvad, Arundhati Roy, etc.

This is the thundercunt that invented the term: 'Internet Hindu' And if you'll remember the post I had on how the post-modern commies in our country use thought terminators, this is another good example. Now, per this twat, I am an Internet Hindu. A derogatory word that pseudo-liberals use to disparage people who do not tow their commie anti-national line, in fact anyone with even a slight deviation from their strict 'liberal' (Talk about irony) viewpoint of the world is liable to be termed as such.

The second one is referred to as an 'internet hindu', it brings to my mind an image of a saffron wearing, Gita quoting, muslim hating, trishul carrying RSS activist, and I am an 'Internet Hindu' per them goddamnit and am none of these! So, you can see how effective it must be on young impressionable morons learning about the left in college and being exposed to how this word is used to mock those that dare to critically look at things, and have their own opinion on things. Fuck groupthink, and fuck community.

If there is to be hope for India's future, such snakes should be imprisoned for what is nothing but high-treason in every sense of the term. I know that I have not explained why I think she is a desh-drohi, I am saving that for a nice juicy post, suffice to say, it will be a new take on this cunt's association with that German war criminal.

Friday, January 03, 2014

A Tale of Two Countries. The Genesis. Part II

In this series of posts, which should drag on for a long time, we will be exploring the genesis of India and Pakistan. We shall treat this process as a social experiment conducted on a scale never seen before by a once mighty empire on a bunch of haggled and hapless people. We shall be deliberate and slow and we shall leave nothing unexplored, as nothing is sacred in the pursuit of truth. As is the motto of the great Nation of India: "सत्यमेव जयते" which means The truth alone triumphs, so shall it be ours.


 The "Three Nation Theory"

So the whole world is afraid to pass judgment, we on the other, us relentless warriors of truth, have no such reservations. The idea is that no idea is so sacred that it cannot be questioned. And no conclusion reached shall be ignored or stifled no matter how uncomfortable.

The genesis for Pakistan is this thing called the 'Two Nation Theory' which basically said that the India of yore was essentially two nations meshed together through the vicissitudes of fate. One the Muslim nation and the other the Hindu nation and the Muslims felt no fraternal love towards their Hindu brethren. They felt that like oil and water, they'd never mix. These two cultures held nothing in common they said, perhaps it is true that their religion had made them different. Maybe it shaped their worldview away from that of the native Hindus. What matters most however is that the British concurred, and in a truly European sense of urgency set about methodically taking this idea to its inevitable outcome; The Partition.

(I am one of those Indians that is thankful for that. Like the Americans like to say, 'we dodged a bullet there.')

Pakistan was created in two halves no less, West and East Pakistan. Separated by the Himalayas, and the Gangetic plain and the vast wheat fields of Punjab, and the mutual un-intelligibility of two languages from different families, and indeed genetic material, the two halves were as distinct as rice and wheat, thereby lending credence to the idea that this was as moronic a move as it was bold. One has to wonder what the British Empire was thinking, even after taking into consideration that this might have been one of its swan songs, one of the last few stutters before its end, and thank god for that. The British Empire's chickens have come home to roost but that is a topic for later.

Now, let's throw a spanner into our own flow of discussion in order to sanity check this spectacle. Remember that the Two Nation Theory is what led to the creation of this new Islamic Paradise. Pakistan's two halves were created because they were different from the idol-worshiping Hindus. By extension, this means that the two halves of Pakistan were similar if not exactly then at least sufficiently so, for them to not ask for independence from each other. Otherwise this would have been the Three Nation Theory.

Anyway, that is how it went, we now had Hindu India, and the new 'Pakistan' One in the west and one in the east. An Islamic 'Paradise' where one was "free to go to one's Temple or Mosque..." where in spite of the myriad differences listed above, all that mattered was that both these parts shared the same religious identity and that that alone was enough for them to feel like one and to keep them together. They were after all one nation; one united, but dichotomous, half of the Two Nation's of the Two Nation Theory Fame. The 'Other' was India. Hindu India. It is NOT the Three Nation Theory silly!

Let us mull over all of this for a bit shall we?

Thursday, January 02, 2014

I am offended! Off with his head! Or how the left uses thought terminators.

Thought Terminators:

The left is doing roaring business the world over, political correctness is the order of the day, reservations based on caste lines are called for, as if they are actually 'noble', affirmative action for those of you in the west, universal healthcare for the weak as if all sick people are heroes and saints, heck it's now; spokesperson not spokesman you sexist pig! and journey-level plumber nor journeyman plumber so that that one female plumber in Kolkata??? is not insulted. not to forget my favorite: the existence of this term; religion of peace, laughable euphemisms that insult the intelligence of each and every one of us and the worst part is that they don't even try, etc.,

The list goes on. The right on the contrary is on the retreat, In modern day India for example, it is considered shameful to be patriotic, ever tried standing up in the presence of company when the Anthem is played or the Flag is hoisted? I guarantee your friends will look at you like they don't know you. People go out of their way to prove that they are not a 'backward' hindu. They'll say things like the ancient Hindus ate beef, and that Islam was spread by love in India. Have I, a bridge to sell these intellectual Lilliputians. 

Thought terminating cliches, to copy from Wikipedia, is " A cliché that is a commonly used phrase, or folk wisdom, sometimes used to quell cognitive dissonance. Though the clichéd phrase in and of itself may be valid in certain contexts, its application as a means of dismissing dissent or justifying fallacious logic is what makes it thought-terminating." Read this book for more info.

Anyway, how does this work in our context? First, this like many other things has been beautifully Indianized with the help of our well known Jury-rigging skills. In India, this is no longer a cliche but a noun so as to become more of a Thought Terminating Noun or Thought Terminator (in the interest of elegance.) but the technique is still the same. The idea is to undermine whatever goes against these commie ideas. For our purpose, let us take Narendra Modi.

Prima: Narendra Modi has done some great work in Gujarat and has shown himself to be a superior administra...

Secunda: [Butting in] But what about the 2001 Gujarat riots? (After this point in the conversation, Prima is distracted from his original idea of talking about the good Modi has done and has to now spend time refuting the idea that Modi is responsible for these riots.)

And this my friends is how it is used. The beauty is that it is a sure-shot way of derailing any opposing viewpoint. So how do you get out of this jam? How do you refuse an un-refuse-able gift? There is no easy way but to either preempt it by holding the bull by its horns or to counter it with your own thought terminator.

Prima: Narendra Modi has done some great work in Gujarat and has shown himself to be a superior administra...

Secunda: [Butting in] But what about the 2001 Gujarat riots?

Prima: He's been acquitted.(Nothing more than that, brevity is your friend here, do not give the opposition ammo for its arsenal)

Secunda: but... the Supreme Court blah blah...(Secunda is now tasked with the burden of showing why they feel that the Supreme court verdict should be questioned. Congratulations, you have turned tables with your nemesis)

Unfortunately, the Cockdeep Sardesais and the Pornoy Roys and the Burqa Dutts and soorpanika Ghoshs have all mastered this and they use it regularly. They have the side of Socially accepted 'thought terminators' on their side and retort with succinct one liners putting the burden of proof on the right. This is what we must learn. Or perish.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Water grows on trees and I am a Monkey's uncle.

Arvind Kejriwal, is the new CM of Delhi. He is like the Indian Imran Khan as far as politics is concerned. Promising a populace that has become fed up with the blatant, bold faced corruption in government, wildly popular wild subsidies including free water, cheap electricity and not to forget; a veneer of 'transparency' and 'straight-forwardness' His work has been made infinitely easier by the worthlessness of the previous CM, Ms. Sheila Dikshit. What lies beneath, however, might not be as benign.

Kejriwal is a very smart cookie, he knows how stupid the average man is, especially those residing in Delhi. When he has promised free water to a populace that does not have ANY civic sense, he is in essence letting, and indeed, asking people to abuse this privilege, there is a reason that clean water is never maintained as a public good, and especially so in a water deficient landmass such as our subcontinent, and no good can come of this farcical sop.

There will be a breakdown in the delivery infrastructure (due to dwindling revenues in an already inefficient enterprise and I don't mean just the water board) even if Peter will be robbed to pay Paul, and further. in that case what we are looking at is the conundrum that our not-so-smart neighbors across the border face in their daily lives: Circular Debt.

Circular Debt is a Pakistani invention and is a situation in which several Public Sector Organizations are indebted to each other and therefore cannot properly continue their services. This indebtedness to each other is perpetual due to the inherent nature of debt based monies which is the backbone of any 'modern' economy such as ours, you see; debt creates more debt and so, on and on the wheel of bankruptcy spins.

What's that DJB under newly appointed Vijay Kumar (who was appointed because his predecessor had the brains to understand the idiocy of this free water nonsense)? Not enough money for operational expenses? Dont pay other PSOs such as Delhi Transco(Can't not pay the aam aadmi workers of DJB now can we?), Oh what's that Delhi Transco? etc...

In due time, in true Dharmic fashion, the foolish people of Delhi will be served what they deserve in the form of deteriorating civic services and they have their own lack of critical thinking skills to blame. But, let us not forget the main point and that is, through all of this pinko tomfoolery Kejriwal will be the CM of Delhi.

The allure of communist Trojan Horses is impossible to ignore as it's covered in a sheen made of odd old ends, stolen forth from popular idealism, but it ultimately conceals forces that will corrupt.

I quote Shakespeare:

“And thus I clothe my naked villainy
With odd old ends stol'n out of holy writ;
And seem a saint, when most I play the devil.” - Richard III (scene iii)

For those that may disagree, I have two words: Trickle-down economics

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Vent post

Trigger Warning: A lot of massive cunts are abused in this post, so if you are one of those that are easily offended, do me a favor and get lost.

Gotta love the whole Devyani Khobragade episode, apparently it's okay to snub anyone the pinko traitors in our country disapprove of. The second this happens to one of their own, the cackling cunts that are Burka 'reveal bunker position for enemy howitzers' Dutt, Sagarika 'quivers for Kissinger's cock' Ghosh and Nidhi 'Skipped Civics class in school' Razdan ,who are all fucking traitors, get their panties into such a delicious little twist, I can't help but pinch myself to see that I am not asleep.

Ha, welcome to the real world you stupid cunts, this is nothing but sweet, delicious, deep fried schadenfreude and I love it. Cackle more please. Although, this is nowhere close to what these desh drohis deserve, it will come to them.

And who the fuck is this non-entity Devyani Khobragade? Her face tells me she is another one of those sorry excuses for a human being that often get ahead in our country. Really, you stupid cunt? You thought it a good idea to keep a slave in the US? How in the world did you think you'd get away with that? Did you think that the fact that your father's (who I hear is an even bigger waste of skin) douchebag tactics of swinging his ill-gotten corrupt cock around would work in the US just because it works back home? Fuck both these assholes for being nothing but a blithe on us as a people of our country. Fuck you you little cunt for making me feel ashamed to be an Indian in the US, and you can rest assured that I make it a point to let everyone I know what the average thinking Indian feels about pieces of detritus like you. Oh you poor bitch, what is that you say Strip search? Body cavity search? QQ more why don't you? this is all music to my ears.

Maybe it is the dharmic in me, but there is nothing sweeter than reaping your karma. As someone wise once said:

यत्कर्म कुरुते तदभिसंपद्यते

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Politics makes Strange Bedfellows

This quote is attributed to American Charles Dudley Warner, who also came up with the equally erudite:

"It is fortunate that each generation does not comprehend its own ignorance. We are thus enabled to call our ancestors barbarous."

With the latest election results in Delhi, we see the Congress, hopefully on its last legs, agreeing to fully support the AAP, if there is a better example for bold faced chicanery, I am yet to see it. Strange bedfellows indeed!
That a party capable of such gross assault on the intelligence of the very people it seeks to represent is the the one that is supported by intelligent fools like Shashi Quixote Tharoor, Vinod Debonair Mehta, Barkha Traitor Dutt, et all is a damning indictment of the quality of Indian Intelligentsia.

That in their zeal to uphold the black and white toned, one dimensional, leftist liberal bunkum, imported wholesale from the west, which is nothing but juvenile idealism un-tempered by real world dynamics, they are willing to support a party that pays lip-service to their adolescent fantasies while indulging in outright seditious behavior and is corrupt to the bone, shows you how far we Indians have fallen. Vinasha Kaale Viprita Buddhi! anyone?

Monday, December 09, 2013

A Tale of Two Countries. The Genesis. Part 1

In this series of posts, which should drag on for a long time, we will be exploring the genesis of India and Pakistan. We shall treat this process as a social experiment conducted on a scale never seen before by a once mighty empire on a bunch of haggled and hapless people. We shall be deliberate and slow and we shall leave nothing unexplored, as nothign is sacred in the pursuit of truth. As is the motto of the great Nation of India: "सत्यमेव जयते" or Satyameva jayate! which means The truth alone triumphs, so shall it be ours.


The "What"

Pakistan as a nation came into being on the 14th of August 1947, carved out of erstwhile British India, this event was followed by India's own independence a day later on the 15th of August.. It is interesting to note the dates chosen by both Pakistan and India, the significance of which we will come back to, later. Much later.

Pakistan was created as a new homeland for the Muslims that lived in India prior to partition, a "safeplace" where they would be safe from the supposed discrimination by the Hindu majority, a fact that they could accurately predict would occur, once the westerners, in the form of the colonial British, would leave. With a prediction algorithm that accurate, we'd be able to make the Gaussian Copula seem as sophisticated as a third graders mnemonic aid but that is a discussion for another day.

That this was one of the best real world examples of comparing two religions side-by-side seems to have been lost to the world. But this is expected in our post-Nazi world. The world is wary of the task of assigning worth to any sort of "social group" be it on religious terms or racial terms like the Nazis did in Europe, but at what cost? Have they[the good guys...the allies] forgotten that they implicitly had to apply a sense of worth[lessness] to the Nazis as well? Did they not deem German National Socialism to be a grave danger to the world?

Did the Nazis not have a right to believe in whatever they believed in? Yes, but when they started murdering jews, they caused their downfall. The world, rightfully so, in that situation set about the task of destroying them as they no longer had the right to anything. Not even that of "life" But the crucial thing is that we said no to Nazism. We had no problems in labeling them evil, now why is it that people will shudder to call a religion; evil, in the same vein?

It is pertinent to remember that in order to stop injustice, very often violent means are required. Which is why Cops carry guns. Which is why the government has the judicial and correction system... you get the general idea. Non-violence will work if the enemy has a moral compass that needs to be reset. If this compass is absent, non-violence may as well be termed foolish-suicide. Remember the story of the frog and the scorpion?

Anyway, both these new countries had a host of conditions in common during the time period of their genesis. They both had similar Geography, Climate, Coastline, fertility, water supply, language, Genotypes, and the list goes on and on... The one delineating characteristic however was that Pakistan as a reaction to its overt separatism, chose to follow the Islamic path, India chose to follow the "Dharmic" path.

So there we have it, two countries carved out of the same stock of people and piece of land, beset with the same problems, (in fact if you conducted a SWOT analysis for the two in 1947 they'd end up being about even) with one discerning difference. Religion. The history of these two countries is nothing but the clash of two religions, Hinduism vs Islam. We shall slowly and in painstaking detail dissect; how? as this series of posts progresses.

To be continued...

Friday, October 18, 2013

Amazon HDX

Amazon's new 7 Inch HDX tablet is about to start shipping. The site says that it will be in stock on the 25th of October. Here is the link:

Why is this here? Because I need money and I love Amazon!!!

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Pappu reverts to being not smarter than a fifth grader (previous over-optimistic title: Pappu bangaya somewhat of a gentleman Part 2)

Rahul is once again in the news for his latest comment which goes something along the lines of : "Dalits need to have the escape velocity of Jupiter for success."

What he probably meant to say is that people from the Dalit community need to work harder than someone who is not in order to escape their poverty. It is a sort of Glass ceiling that keeps the 'dalit man down' (Please read the last sentence in a faux black person Robert Downey Jr. accent ) I wonder how the cackling Feminists in India feel about Pappu appropriating this concept for his own poorly-executed-metaphor-ical benefit?

Alas for poor Pappu, between forming his sentences in a coherent manner, understanding the jumps in thought from the metaphysical to the real and back again, and the black hole sized void of self-doubt and loathing he indubitably feels as a result of seeing almost a billion people constantly mocking his lack of any discernible mental acumen, must make giving speeches a humongous ordeal for the nanha munna bachcha.

File photo of Pappu and Mummy (circa Sept 2013)

Man, I'd love to know and feel the existential angst someone in his position must feel. Remember that scene from Amadeus where Salieri talks about wanting to sing to God yet being denied the talent to do so? Would I not be echoing others thoughts too when I say I'd love to hear the following inner monologue in Pappu's head?

All I wanted was to impress Mummy and to become fit to rule this country. She gave me that longing... and then made me a complete imbecile. Why? Tell me that. If She didn't want me to run the country, why implant the desire? Like a lust in my body! And then deny me the talent?
Alas, we neither have the technology to snoop in on other peoples' thoughts nor can we kid ourselves into thinking the future PM can even hope to understand let alone think the above thoughts.

So, anyway, coming back to the metaphor, he wanted a large mass as the higher the mass, the greater the Terminal Velocity, but why settle for Jupiter and not something even more massive? Like V Y Canis Majoris or... Mummy's Swiss Bank Account?

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Pappu bangaya somewhat of a man - Part 1

Rahul 'Pappu' Gandhi. Jesus Christ is he a godsend!!! Damn, John Kennedy Toole of the A Confederacy of Dunces fame couldn't have thought of a more buffoonish character. It's like one day Pappu sat up fresh from having turned 40 a while back and had an epiphany, 'Mein... Mein ek leader ka bachcha hoon, my mummy is a leader yaar, she said so herself, I need to look at the big picture, nahi mein kar ke rahoonga, I need to think in terms of the 30 thousand metre[sic] level, I need to visualize the energy of my being, and I need to see myself in my pants, in my shirt, in my retainer, in the mirror, everywhere!'

Notwithstanding the rapacious and not so well-intentioned ribbing that I gave pappu, he agreed to speak with me, probably because his mummy wasn't there to explain the concepts of sarcasm and irony that I laced my 'compliments' with and because mummy also told him that he needs to get out more and not stick to choreographed and what I like to call drive-by-speech-performances all the time. The mangoes in the country are beginning to get suspicious.

When asked about pappu's recent theatrics in what is lovingly being called the R-Bomb, he had this to say: ' Arre, what is the power of mummy? You go to Rajpath, and people are dancing around as per her commands, you go to 7 RCR and there is Mannu uncle who usually just lays about and even he is dancing to her tune, that is the power of mummy. And mummy wants to show this power to every Indian, not some, not many but All Indians. She said pappu bete, you are growing up now, you must learn to go beyond mummy's frock pallu. People have realized that you are indecisive and spineless and are now calling that to your face. We need to stop this. So she told me that Mannu Uncle will be forced to support an unpopular bill that I will have to gate crash a press conference and publicly ridicule. Then she will ask it to be withdrawn. Two birds with one stone. And mummy said that I didn't have to worry about any negative repercussions because of something called the duck sauce effect or something like that.'


Links for the following here:

Barbra Streisand
A Confederacy of Dunces

Monday, June 24, 2013


Now, if you are not aware of what Reddit is, you'll have a hard time understanding this post. If you do know reddit but not r/shitredditsays, you will find it hard to follow as well. r/shitredditsays will be denoted as SRS

I often see people in SRSSucks complain that they cannot for the life of them, see why SRS defends Islam like it does. It's like the KKK defending 'Affirmative Action'. It does not make sense they say. This is funny and quite amusing to me. I am quite familiar with both these concepts; Feminism and Islam. And they are soul mates if indeed that is a real thing.

Why does SRSSucks think that? It is quite well known that as per the definition of self-proclaimed Feminists, Feminism fights for women's rights. This is beyond doubt. It is quite well known that Islam is quite regressive as far as women's rights are concerned. A cursory search on the internet will reveal this. I have personal experience as well. So superficially, these two are antithetical to each other.

What are my credentials while talking about Islam you ask?
Here we go:
1) I have Lived and studied in Saudi Arabia for a period of 8 years. Including grades 1-7
2) I can read and write Arabic, oh yeah, which is more than most Muslims themselves.
3) Avg. Class size of 33 in school in Saudi, with avg. 28 Muslims and 5 non Muslims including 3 Christians and 2 Hindus such as my self and attended 'Islamic Culture' classes as I was a non-muslim as opposed to the Quran classes I could not attend even if I wanted to.
4) Lived in Mangalore for 10 years close to Kasaragod with a majority Muslim population.
5) I am highly knowledgeable about Pakistan which is more than 90% Muslim.

In order for a Feminist to reconcile theirself with Islam's regressive attitude towards women, they either need to ignore that egregious fact by dismissing all evidence to that effect as being 'racist' (which is in itself quite laughable) or bigoted, or they need to be incredibly adept at handling cognitive dissonances, and I am not sure the latter is too difficult for me to not dismiss.

But why? Why would they like to do this? When even the most innocuous thing like opening doors is supposedly 'sexist' Why do they change their yardstick for Islam. And by that fucking much?

Feminism is a victim mentality. Islam has a victim mentality. Feminists will harp on and on about Rape and DV. Muslims will harp on and on about western atrocities and hegemony over 'Islamic Oil'

Feminism seeks to show that there is supposedly no difference between women and men. Islam seeks to show that there is supposedly no difference between muslims and the adherents of other religions, but in fact Feminism is a supremacist ideology and makes it a point to point out the flaws of men and seeks to get special treatment for women due to their supposed superiority. Islam is a supremacist ideology that seeks to point out the godlessness of other religions and the superiority of believing in their version of the magical bearded sky fairy. No wonder, Feminists will still fight for things like Alimony and Muslims will still fight for sharia law in the west and seek to place the Dhimmi label on non-muslims.

Feminism needs the boogie man of 'patriarchy' as an external threat that keeps their members united, Islam needs the boogie man of 'islam-ophobia' to convince the west and themselves that they are under attack. Without these, they will happen to turn on each other so swiftly and so predictably that you could set your watched according to it.

Feminism will use the nebulous definition of Feminism to be able to use the popular No True Scotsman fallacy in the form of NAFALT when confronted with an example where Feminists show their true colors and Islam will use the 'nebulousness' of  translating the Quranic Arabic into stating 'Islam is a religion of peace, no true muslim would do that' which is laughable when one understands the concepts of 'Taqqiya'.

Both of these concepts rely heavily on Marxist thought. And I understand why the Americans hated Communism so much. It is an abhorrent philosophy that can only cause misery.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Feminism and my soggy knee

I don't really remember who it was on reddit that came up with that part of the title. But it is an apt metaphor for the modern Feminist movement. They are clearly 'that' while pretending to be not 'that', and are, as per themselves, opposed to 'that.' Let us delve a little deeper into this subject shall we?

Anyone who has ever debated with a Feminist online will notice this meme come up time and time again. One of victimization by all and sundry. Name an entity and they are victimizing women it would seem. The government? men? women?! society... schools, magazines, businesses, companies, religion, hello kitty, Stanford, the Draft, heck a lot of them don't believe in god much like me, but if god exists, it is a 'he', and he is a misogynist, and all of these and practically everything else in the universe victimizes women.

Women are the real victims they'll say. Forget the millions of men who die in war, the real victims are the women in their families; their wives and daughters they'll say, which is true since now these poor women will have to, unfairly to them, reap the consequence of the war; their freedom.

Forget the millions of farmers who commit suicide in India due to the stupidity of the Congress government, the real victims are their wives and daughters they'll say, which is true since they'll now have to suffer the consequence of the actions of these selfish men who abandon their women: Possibly a more sympathetic government that cannot ignore their plight and the generous compensation they'll get from the government.

Forget the scores of deadbeat husbands who are cheated out of half their money due to divorce. The real victims here are the women they'll say, as these worthless men are never at home, instead choosing to while away all their free time at their minimum wage jobs forcing these poor defenseless women to cheat behind their backs and then leaving them with no choice but to divorce their lazy asses when discovered. They now have to suffer the consequences of the divorce; free money and the headache of finding things to spend it on. And, to top it all off, the heartless state expects them to spend any Child Support payments on their children, what fascism! Aren't they victims enough? do they not know that these sleazy husbands of theirs couldn't even keep the toilet seat down when they got back home after a long day having spent all their free time at work, and that too after they had taken a leak while standing up nonetheless; forcing these poor women to turn their precious eyes down and check before sitting down to pee or poop lest they fall into the commode. These women should be given medals for their bravery.

And what about the women?

Forget the scores of men who have victimized women so much and so viciously during their lives that these women don't even know it. They claim, unknowingly, that they do not face as much sexism as Feminists say they do, and that they do feel safe in most places and that maybe just maybe men may be getting the short end of the stick these days. They are all victims of the Stockholm Syndrome obviously and by saying these things, they themselves are indulging in misogyny, who are these women to tell other women that they don't need Feminism to progress in life? How little they know about how even they are being victimized by everyone else. They have had their strong independent minds corrupted by the men in their lives and don't even know that the extent of misogyny. While these women are right in believing that they are strong and empowered, they are wrong in thinking that they are not victims and they are even more wrong in thinking that they are as strong as they are due to their own intellect, attitude and perseverance, these women would have never amounted to anything without the help of the sisterhood of Feminists but they are all strong and independent women who can stand on their own and do as good a job as any man. But they need Feminism for that.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Bring 'em down!

What I've always suspected ever since I started to look a little deeper into Feminism is that there is something about it that no one talks about. I could never really figure it out at first but now I find it hard to believe that it took me this long to figure it out.

So feminism is basically a reaction to the concept of 'maleness'. It is supposedly the concept of "equality for all" but from the female perspective. Any and all feminists will resort to this argument when confronted with the often asked but never really answered: "why call it feminism when you can call it egalitarianism?" They might not say it in so many words but you get the gist. This means that they think that the concept of equality as seen from the female perspective is different than that seen from either a gender agnostic perspective or the male perspective.

Now, if we are to believe that there are no 'real' differences between Women and Men save certain physical traits, then this would invalidate the existence of Feminism as men and women would invariably reach the same conclusion owing to the lack of any real difference between them. The fact is that Feminists do believe that there are clear and fundamental differences between men and women and that women are better than men and that their way of thinking is better than the way that uses hard and cold logic.

A lot of people realize this but don't understand it completely. They just say, "Who needs Feminism" because they believe in the gender agnostic view being good enough to ensure equality. Over qualifying it as Feminism is just that, a redundancy. They cannot fathom the fact that their view could be so different than that of the feminists as far as equality is concerned. But they will encounter fierce resistance from Feminists who have a magic bullet that will shut down the opposition. "You are against Equality" They will cackle, as they have appointed themselves the true champions of "equality" and if you are against them you are against equality.

The fact is that they don't want your impersonal equality because it lends itself to Capitalism, and raising the bar for everyone, this is not their goal, in fact it is the opposite of that. It would be prudent to realize that it's easier for the blind to poke out your eyes than to grow new eyes.

Friday, June 07, 2013


Changing the purpose of this blog yet again, I just realized that I am not good at limiting my self to a small topic such as global geo-politics. I will be expanding the course of this blog to include whatever catches my fancy from now on. And, right now, I am on a lets make fun of, ridicule and then destroy Feminism binge. Don't tell me you haven't been warned.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The deadly Tango

When I redid my blog recently, changed the format, the colors, and indeed the entire focus of the blog, I was under the impression that I would be writing primarily about Malalaland, no, al-bakistan goddamn it fingers! PakiSatan. I'll take it; close enough.

I wanted to chronicle how expertly they went about paving the roads for and building the vehicles of their own demise. The professionalism with which they apply themselves to the task of, as they say in Urdu; "Abne hi bav bar kuladhi maarna" almost makes me think they have a dedicated bunch of World-Class Universities staffed by... Wait a minute, did I just say Universities? I am sorry for my cultural insensitivity, I meant Madrassahs (مدرسة) that churn out the latest in Fifth Columnists tactics and strategy.

So I imagine a bunch of skull cap and salwar wearing, henna-dyed beard sporting while simultaneously mustache lacking, god fearing and not so much women fearing, Mullahs churning out fatwa after fatwa, like their four wives churn out suicide bomber after suicide bomber every 9 months, on the latest techniques on shooting yourselves in the foot, I am betting the research is as scientific as that at any Harvard or MIT like institution, with multiple peer reviews conducted by other Mullahs far removed both geographically and ideologically and published online on various first rate Jihad websites.

The next step would be to encourage cross-pollination between the various types of Madrassahs of peace. I look fondly into the future and envision a day where I see a Barelvi Madrassah with a bunch of exchange students from the Deobandi school of thought happily learning their quran during class hours and playing with fake, IEDs, vests and AK47s during playtime hand in hand with their Barelvi counterparts. A Mullah from the Ahl-e-Hadith school of thought spreading his ideas of peace and harmony as visiting faculty, of course since Mullahs are only valid as such within their own schools of thought, we can mayhaps term these visiting Mullahs... as... Brofessors if active and Brofessor Ameeritus if retired...???

Of course, they'd need foreign help, why limit yourselves to your own ideas? Maybe they could conduct a literary retreat or a global symposium and invite some of the more illustrious fifth-columnists to attend as keynote speakers. They could call Hank Paulson, practically anyone who issued a NINJA loan back in the day, our own MMS, or even her excellency Mein-o, and it's too bad the grand-daddy or should I say grand-chacha of fifth-columnists isn't alive as he would have been perfect.

But then I realized that my own country India is the Edwin Aldrin to Pakistan's Neil Armstrong as far as self-destructive idiocy is concerned. Both of them being trailblazers in this neck of the woods if I may. Both locked in a deadly race to the end, intertwined nay joined at the hip like long lost brothers seeking to fulfill their destiny of doom. Like Karan-Arjun.

But there is a fundamental difference, in Pakistan, the looting is done by the Pakistanis themselves by emphasizing their own religion and following its tenets as rabidly as possible and is perversely optimistic in its approach. Whereas in India it is being done by foreigners by emphasizing the irrelevance and decadence of the country's indigenous religion and culture which again is perversely pessimistic in approach. And, I will be there, documenting how these two countries stumble about and whether they sober up and walk away or stray from the path and get hit and run over by the speeding train of reality.

Needless to say, we are in trouble unless we dig our heads out of the sand and recognize the elephant in the room.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


I usually like to start off slowly. I keep my best bits for later. I shall start the first actual post on my blog about Pakistan by telling you why exactly I want to write about it, especially since the irony isn't lost on me as I claim to be averse to being obsessed with your enemy, like Pakistan is with India.

Why do I choose Pakistan? Leaving aside the usual reasons, the fact remains that there is no other country in the world that comes this close to weaving a national framework, apparatus and ideology that so closely mimics, metaphysically speaking of course, a freaking Train Wreck, no let's say it's like the Hindenberg crash all over again but this time in color, with footage from inside the ship and audio of screaming people as it collapses and with Herbert Morrison uttering the famous 'Oh the humanity, it's...Ah...ohh...' but in high def. Dolby audio. The degree of verisimilitude is breathtaking and this is the clincher. I will write about Pakistan because I am fascinated at how Millions of people can shoot themselves in the foot all together and with such efficacy all while blaming their neighbors and crying to their mommy for help.

Have you ever seen one of those compilation videos on Youtube? You know the 3 hour long videos featuring car crashes, or plane crashes? Have you sat and watched one and gone, 'why the fuck would you drive that way, no wonder you are going to crash'? Or 'Slam the truck's brakes motherfucker or you'll crash into the old lady being helped across the busy street by that blind albino orphan puppy!'

I have, and the reason I watch is to see how accidents are caused and to avoid making the same mistakes they did but also to see why I'd never have a crash that way because I don't do idiotic things while driving like that. The latter reason is why I am so excited about writing about Pakistan. It just confuses me that the country does things that even the most inexperienced moron on the street such as myself can see that some of the things they do are just plain retarded, so you can forget about the people who get to practice statecraft every day of the week on a professional level. Mind you, I am not talking about Indian politicians here, they are as retarded as their Pakistani counterparts and infinitely more dishonest giving the Pakis yet another art to learn from us conniving Hindoos, it's just that the auxiliary state machinery in our country is a teeny bit more potent and does somewhat of a passable job as a check and balance to the Govt.

If I have to tell you that that country is a loony bin, and this comes as a surprise to you, you should probably stop reading me and read some current affairs in that country and some news on the geopolitical affairs in our region of the world, then come back. So, imagine my surprise when the whole of Pakistan recently came together as one nation under Islam and tackled what is surely one of the greatest if not greatest problems facing their society this side of the millenium. The problem in question is regarding one of their bigger provinces: The Sind. They have finally gone in and unanimously voted to add an 'H' to the end of 'Sind'

I might as well stop the blog, throw in my towel, donate my money to charity and take up sanyas, as this move... will obviously solve EVERYTHING!

The 'H' here purportedly alludes to the 'Hijab', a female ninja dress found in the Sindh usually worn by those that cannot be trusted to keep their panties on and their pussies dry when they sight a male in their vicinity.

It alludes to the 'Hadiths' one of the pillars of the benign Islamic religion practiced by 99% of the Sindh's people with such peaceful lines as:

"Kill the unbeliever, behead him where you see him, unless he repents and agrees to join our divine cult in which case, he can have four wives, marry girls as young as nine, have complete control over his owned women possessions, behead them or stone them depending upon popular vote when she has an affair, and get her jailed for allowing him to rape her and get 72 more once he dies fighting everyone who doesn't agree with us" - V. 4 Ch. 20

The 'H' also stands for 'Haraam' which is anything that pisses off god such as the following abominations: Sanity, Sense of Proportion, Free Speech, Infidels breathing air made by the Islamic god, Kittens, Unicorns and delicious Bacon.

It also stands for 'Halaal' as in the perfectly justified means of killing animals for consumption in the most gory and painful way (Painful for the animal at least) possible. You know what they say, more pain, means tastier meat, and a happier sky-pedophile, amirite?

It stands for 'Houris' as in the 72 virile and virtuous virgins vouchsafing the vicious vices of the Sindhi shuhada and doing carnal things-things that are illegal down there. Or 72 Raisins, depending on the translation. I am sure the good people of Sindh won't mind as both these commodities i.e pretty virgin girls and food are a luxury in Sindh and the whole of the country anyway..

It is therefore a good day in Pakistan that all of these things will now always be remembered every time someone sees that 'H' at the end of Sindh.

And by the grace of god, this will fix ALL of Pakistan's problems once and for all.

Jai Hind!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The scourge approacheth...

Freedom of speech is such a farce in India, hence I would like to preface this article as being entirely fictitious and in jest. None of this is meant to be taken seriously ;)


I am supposed to be taking this blog in a new direction. I want to use it to chronicle the fall of our neighbor that most fascinating of Mullahcracies, but there have been incidents at home recently which have caught my fancy and I will therefore use the first few posts to talk about these things.


What is the world doing about the rising tide of Hindoo Terrorism which is slowly rearing its ugly head propped up by the buoyant Indian economy and clothed by the evil machinations of that oh-so-evil Vedic nay Aryan ideology I ask?

No less than the Home Minister of our country the Shinde has come out and issued an official statement declaring rightly so that Hindoo Terrorism is the biggest threat that India and indeed the world faces in the coming few years.

Since I do aim to be the paragon of Journalistic Virtue by making all my reports as authentic as possible, I had a meeting with the Shinde to clarify its(1) statements. An excerpt:

Pictured: There is no picture of the Shinde available to us as we can't seem to find a single one that does not have this magical foot sticking out of his mouth for some reason. We are trying to contact the photographer form The Omen(1976) to find out what this might mean.

the Shinde: Hindoo terrorism is going to annihilate the world I tell you! (He says as he kicks his chair away, holds his clenched right fist close to his forehead while pointing the other hand back and to the left... back and to the left... back and to the left... of his body.)

Me: I may not be a hindoo but I have lived in India a long while, I don't see this, could you give me an example?

the Shinde: Oh yes, you see the other day I was going to the market to buy some fertilizer for er... My plants, and then to the electronics store for a radio receiver for er... My son's model helicopter when the terrorist Hindoo baniya who was driving the Auto asked me for 1.5 times the meter because of all the extra weight. If this is not proof enough of Hindoo terrorism, then I don't know what is.

Pictured: The symbol for the diabolical RSS, notice the symbol which purportedly shows the shockwave in cross section of an IED, the Hindoo terrorist's weapon of choice for crowded places. The dot represents the head which is usually severed.

Pictured: Notorious Hindoo terrorist Navjot Singh wearing his religion's saffron turban and this also doubles as a convenient storing place for IEDs

Pictured: A seasoned RSS Sainik(warrior) getting ready for battle against the Mlecchas by donning face paint used for camouflage as he smokes some vile Ganja, a schedule 1 drug that they use to strengthen their resolve and give them confidence, as we all know Hindus are all short and dark and also cowardly when not stoned(2)

Pictured: A BJP foot soldier prays before heading out into battle with the mleccha. Note the traditional fighting instrument, the Trishul, the weapon of choice for the misogynistic Hindoo god Shiva.

But we have been told many times by our liberal, forward thinking elites in the country that terrorism has no color nor religion so how is it that with 'Hindoo Terrorism' no one is protesting? Are these government servants secret hindoophobes hiding in the metaphorical closet of pseudo-secularism? or does it all actually make sense?

Some of the more vicious Hindoo readers might assume that this is some sort of institutionalized racism, but you are wrong. You see when that original statement was offered, they had no idea that people with malicious intent such as yourself would twist this statement around to try and include even those religions that are not religions of peace such as Hinduism. Now we know which religions are peaceful in nature and also that one religion which is the undisputed champion amongst the religions for as far as peace making is concerned, but surely not Hindooism, in fact, some would say that Hindooism is not even a religion. It is just an ideology which breeds hatred and terrorism as we have all seen.

In short, since no religion promotes terrorism but Hindooism promotes terrorism, it follows that Hindooism in not a religion.


So, we have proved that Hindooism is not a religion, now as an ideology how is it that this one is able to get its adherents to do its bidding? Borrowing from Richard Dawkins' memetic treatment of religions, we see that the concept of Hindooism is a self-repeating and dangerous meme that has all the necessary constructs required to ensure its propagation  As per our research, the following are the fundamental principles which all Hindoos are forced to learn and revere as sacred as soon as they are born. Failure to do so often results in being beaten to death, or having the legs burned with oil.

a) Hindoo ideology is the literal work of god, and you cannot escape his wrath if you fail to follow any of the commandments.

b) It is your duty to convert others to following this ideology or kill them if they refuse.

c) The people and indeed objects such as cultural artefacts that don't believe/subscribe in the Hindoo concept of Dharma are Mlecchas and are to be eliminated.

d) If you die fighting in the holy internal war known as atma-jnana or self-realization, you go to heaven where Vishnu will provide you with 108 immortal ripe coconuts or a 108 Green Cards (depending upon the translation).

e) You are allowed to cheat(I am looking at you Baniyas), hoodwink, and feign friendship with the enemy in order to gather time to strengthen up, and win their trust so that you can stab them in the back when they are not looking.

No doubt, this kind of radical, supremacist ideology needs to be dismantled. For more proof, take a look at any country with a Hindoo population. Let's consider the US, France, Spain, Pakistan, India, Bali, Nepal etc. the one other thing these countries have in common is that they have all been victims of Terrorism. Now it doesn't take a Burkha Dutt to figure out that this is probably due to Hindoo terrorism.

The writing is on the wall, we need to teh feaaaaar of teh hindoos and their scary flip flops and teh their number crunching calculators!!!

(1) Sic, we consider the Shinde to be a weapon of mass destruction and hence the honorific of deeming it a non-living object in order to pay homage to the destructive nature of this weapon.

(2) As per any respected government sanctioned Textbook in the peaceful, sleepy little republic of Pakistan.