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Now, if you are not aware of what Reddit is, you'll have a hard time understanding this post. If you do know reddit but not r/shitredditsays, you will find it hard to follow as well. r/shitredditsays will be denoted as SRS

I often see people in SRSSucks complain that they cannot for the life of them, see why SRS defends Islam like it does. It's like the KKK defending 'Affirmative Action'. It does not make sense they say. This is funny and quite amusing to me. I am quite familiar with both these concepts; Feminism and Islam. And they are soul mates if indeed that is a real thing.

Why does SRSSucks think that? It is quite well known that as per the definition of self-proclaimed Feminists, Feminism fights for women's rights. This is beyond doubt. It is quite well known that Islam is quite regressive as far as women's rights are concerned. A cursory search on the internet will reveal this. I have personal experience as well. So superficially, these two are antithetical to each other.

What are my credentials while talking about Islam you ask?
Here we go:
1) I have Lived and studied in Saudi Arabia for a period of 8 years. Including grades 1-7
2) I can read and write Arabic, oh yeah, which is more than most Muslims themselves.
3) Avg. Class size of 33 in school in Saudi, with avg. 28 Muslims and 5 non Muslims including 3 Christians and 2 Hindus such as my self and attended 'Islamic Culture' classes as I was a non-muslim as opposed to the Quran classes I could not attend even if I wanted to.
4) Lived in Mangalore for 10 years close to Kasaragod with a majority Muslim population.
5) I am highly knowledgeable about Pakistan which is more than 90% Muslim.

In order for a Feminist to reconcile theirself with Islam's regressive attitude towards women, they either need to ignore that egregious fact by dismissing all evidence to that effect as being 'racist' (which is in itself quite laughable) or bigoted, or they need to be incredibly adept at handling cognitive dissonances, and I am not sure the latter is too difficult for me to not dismiss.

But why? Why would they like to do this? When even the most innocuous thing like opening doors is supposedly 'sexist' Why do they change their yardstick for Islam. And by that fucking much?

Feminism is a victim mentality. Islam has a victim mentality. Feminists will harp on and on about Rape and DV. Muslims will harp on and on about western atrocities and hegemony over 'Islamic Oil'

Feminism seeks to show that there is supposedly no difference between women and men. Islam seeks to show that there is supposedly no difference between muslims and the adherents of other religions, but in fact Feminism is a supremacist ideology and makes it a point to point out the flaws of men and seeks to get special treatment for women due to their supposed superiority. Islam is a supremacist ideology that seeks to point out the godlessness of other religions and the superiority of believing in their version of the magical bearded sky fairy. No wonder, Feminists will still fight for things like Alimony and Muslims will still fight for sharia law in the west and seek to place the Dhimmi label on non-muslims.

Feminism needs the boogie man of 'patriarchy' as an external threat that keeps their members united, Islam needs the boogie man of 'islam-ophobia' to convince the west and themselves that they are under attack. Without these, they will happen to turn on each other so swiftly and so predictably that you could set your watched according to it.

Feminism will use the nebulous definition of Feminism to be able to use the popular No True Scotsman fallacy in the form of NAFALT when confronted with an example where Feminists show their true colors and Islam will use the 'nebulousness' of  translating the Quranic Arabic into stating 'Islam is a religion of peace, no true muslim would do that' which is laughable when one understands the concepts of 'Taqqiya'.

Both of these concepts rely heavily on Marxist thought. And I understand why the Americans hated Communism so much. It is an abhorrent philosophy that can only cause misery.

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