Friday, June 14, 2013

Feminism and my soggy knee

I don't really remember who it was on reddit that came up with that part of the title. But it is an apt metaphor for the modern Feminist movement. They are clearly 'that' while pretending to be not 'that', and are, as per themselves, opposed to 'that.' Let us delve a little deeper into this subject shall we?

Anyone who has ever debated with a Feminist online will notice this meme come up time and time again. One of victimization by all and sundry. Name an entity and they are victimizing women it would seem. The government? men? women?! society... schools, magazines, businesses, companies, religion, hello kitty, Stanford, the Draft, heck a lot of them don't believe in god much like me, but if god exists, it is a 'he', and he is a misogynist, and all of these and practically everything else in the universe victimizes women.

Women are the real victims they'll say. Forget the millions of men who die in war, the real victims are the women in their families; their wives and daughters they'll say, which is true since now these poor women will have to, unfairly to them, reap the consequence of the war; their freedom.

Forget the millions of farmers who commit suicide in India due to the stupidity of the Congress government, the real victims are their wives and daughters they'll say, which is true since they'll now have to suffer the consequence of the actions of these selfish men who abandon their women: Possibly a more sympathetic government that cannot ignore their plight and the generous compensation they'll get from the government.

Forget the scores of deadbeat husbands who are cheated out of half their money due to divorce. The real victims here are the women they'll say, as these worthless men are never at home, instead choosing to while away all their free time at their minimum wage jobs forcing these poor defenseless women to cheat behind their backs and then leaving them with no choice but to divorce their lazy asses when discovered. They now have to suffer the consequences of the divorce; free money and the headache of finding things to spend it on. And, to top it all off, the heartless state expects them to spend any Child Support payments on their children, what fascism! Aren't they victims enough? do they not know that these sleazy husbands of theirs couldn't even keep the toilet seat down when they got back home after a long day having spent all their free time at work, and that too after they had taken a leak while standing up nonetheless; forcing these poor women to turn their precious eyes down and check before sitting down to pee or poop lest they fall into the commode. These women should be given medals for their bravery.

And what about the women?

Forget the scores of men who have victimized women so much and so viciously during their lives that these women don't even know it. They claim, unknowingly, that they do not face as much sexism as Feminists say they do, and that they do feel safe in most places and that maybe just maybe men may be getting the short end of the stick these days. They are all victims of the Stockholm Syndrome obviously and by saying these things, they themselves are indulging in misogyny, who are these women to tell other women that they don't need Feminism to progress in life? How little they know about how even they are being victimized by everyone else. They have had their strong independent minds corrupted by the men in their lives and don't even know that the extent of misogyny. While these women are right in believing that they are strong and empowered, they are wrong in thinking that they are not victims and they are even more wrong in thinking that they are as strong as they are due to their own intellect, attitude and perseverance, these women would have never amounted to anything without the help of the sisterhood of Feminists but they are all strong and independent women who can stand on their own and do as good a job as any man. But they need Feminism for that.

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