Monday, June 10, 2013

Bring 'em down!

What I've always suspected ever since I started to look a little deeper into Feminism is that there is something about it that no one talks about. I could never really figure it out at first but now I find it hard to believe that it took me this long to figure it out.

So feminism is basically a reaction to the concept of 'maleness'. It is supposedly the concept of "equality for all" but from the female perspective. Any and all feminists will resort to this argument when confronted with the often asked but never really answered: "why call it feminism when you can call it egalitarianism?" They might not say it in so many words but you get the gist. This means that they think that the concept of equality as seen from the female perspective is different than that seen from either a gender agnostic perspective or the male perspective.

Now, if we are to believe that there are no 'real' differences between Women and Men save certain physical traits, then this would invalidate the existence of Feminism as men and women would invariably reach the same conclusion owing to the lack of any real difference between them. The fact is that Feminists do believe that there are clear and fundamental differences between men and women and that women are better than men and that their way of thinking is better than the way that uses hard and cold logic.

A lot of people realize this but don't understand it completely. They just say, "Who needs Feminism" because they believe in the gender agnostic view being good enough to ensure equality. Over qualifying it as Feminism is just that, a redundancy. They cannot fathom the fact that their view could be so different than that of the feminists as far as equality is concerned. But they will encounter fierce resistance from Feminists who have a magic bullet that will shut down the opposition. "You are against Equality" They will cackle, as they have appointed themselves the true champions of "equality" and if you are against them you are against equality.

The fact is that they don't want your impersonal equality because it lends itself to Capitalism, and raising the bar for everyone, this is not their goal, in fact it is the opposite of that. It would be prudent to realize that it's easier for the blind to poke out your eyes than to grow new eyes.

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