Thursday, January 16, 2014

Honey, I shrunk the kid. Updated.

Edit 4:

I'm hearing lots of chatter, and I can't really tell what is true and what is not. I should really wait before I comment further, but for those who believe this load of crock the 'Officials' are churning out , I have a bridge to sell you, here in Manhattan. Please use Coupon Code: SUCKER for an extra 50% off.

Edit 3:

What the Fuck??!! The Delhi Police has already ruled it a suicide!!!

Her body is still warm and they have already released their 'findings'. There is no way in hell that the Delhi cops have modernized and streamlined to such a level that they can perform an autopsy and crime scene investigation, collect the results, and come to a conclusion so fast. I am a fucking layman and I was more careful than the cops as can be seen below, I did not want to say anything before more facts were available. Do they think that there is no need to investigate just because it looks like a suicide? Or is it because a union minister said so? How difficult is it to stage a suicide? How easy is it for a minister to lie? Bullshit.

Edit 2: Now it seems Shashi Tharoor was in the hotel with her? And, he was the one that called the cops to inform them. This is way too convenient.

Now we wait and watch. But as they say in Hindi: Daal mein kuch kaala.


Apparently Sunanda Pushkar, tharoor's wife has been found dead in a hotel room in New Delhi. They are reporting that she was sick and hospitalized this week, and now she is dead. All of this is fishy to say the least. I heard no such report of her being sick until the reports that she is dead.
Several questions come to mind:

If she was sick, what was she doing in a hotel?
Did she know her days were numbered and hence decide to tweet the truth from her husband's twitter account? As a sort of final middle finger to her husband?
Was she bumped off because she knew too much? This is the most convenient time, the blame would fall on her, no? "Suicide, obviously!"
Or was it really a suicide?
I want to say let's wait for the autopsy but with the quislings in power, I'd rather just read tea leaves, at least there is a chance of stumbling on to the truth through the sheer accident of probability in the latter.


Well, well, well...

What is Tharoor's cock(Yeah, you read that right, alright!) up to now?

When I first heard about this Indian man at the UN contesting for such a high position, I was intrigued. And like countless other Indians, I quickly became a fan. I really liked his academic qualifications, his manner of speech and his accomplishments in general. But they always ask you to never judge a book by its cover and I guess in this case it would have been prudent advise had I followed it. I think I even have a blog post about him although I struggle to find it now. Okay, I lied, I did not try searching for it. Too many posts have flowed under the bridge since then.

Then, things happened that showed me that Mr. Tharoor was just as easily corruptible as any other in power. Some of his decisions were highly questionable for a man of his intelligence unless he'd been bought. And slowly but surely, I began disliking him. He was exactly like the educated class of India, self-hating, west aping and with no real conviction. He was the embodiment of everything about them that I disliked. Despicable. Needless to say, I suspect everything about him.

As I understand from my sources, and a dispassionate analysis of the events as they have unfolded, this is is what I think has happened.

The affair is real. Per Sunanda, his wife, it's been going on since April of last year. She's found messages between them on his blackberry, some of these were uploaded to his twitter account by his wife, a sort of cyber revenge like that cheated on wife that keys the husbands car and spray paints 'CHEATING S.O.B' on it.

The journalist may be a honeypot, hence the reference to her being an ISI agent by his wife, though there is doubt as to how she'd know this. But there have been several honeypots that have been successfully used on Indian diplomats and officers. We Indian men are weak like that. Our women don't put out, they're coy to a fault leaving most of us sexual imbeciles and ripe targets for honeypot-ing. A honeypot is basically a female agent that coaxes information out of enemy targets, a sort of real-life female James Bond and obviously without the dramatic action sequences or gadgets, so basically just the sex.

Sources tell me that the Journalist is known to be quite the fame-digger, and has had other similar situations to her credit. Details which I won't reveal here suggest an almost teenage sort of online behavior. And, I don't even want to touch the whole marrying his wife after the IPL scandal thing.

With this kind of behavior, it is shocking that there has been absolutely no investigation by anyone yet, granted that there is no need to make a spectacle of things such as a law suit, but a cursory look at the facts of the case by a security agency possibly covertly, especially since it concerns a possible relationship between a minister of the union and an enemy national is not uncalled for. Is the NSA asleep? Does the INC care about the security of the nation? I know my answers to these questions.

My advice to Tharoor is; don't let your dick do the thinking, man, at least not all the time, it's nothing but trouble, especially when it comes to matters of national security.


Update: I'm going to slow down my rate of churning out articles, I really want to play up the 'funny' and go back to a more pictorial format. We'll see how it goes.

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