Monday, January 20, 2014

The problems with painting the town red

Arvind Kejriwal. Who the fuck is this asshole? He seems to have no soul. It's probably been sold. To a greater devil than evil itself. The mystery unravels in his source of funding. He wants to damn the Republic Day, our confirmation of patriotism for the closet anti-national communist's wet dream: sexism. They love that shit don't they? There is a difference between men and women and they will point to it and shout about it, and claim that the country needs to be 'fixed' because the two are still not equal. They know it will never be, here's Physics being a bitch again, but this is a constant boogeyman that they can blame for their distress. An ointment to cure all, made with the finest of snake-oils. Perfect. Here's Physics being a bitch again, but a helpful one at that.

He is currently staging a dharna in Delhi while the Delhi Police is being used to quell his agitation. Is this what the idiots in Delhi wanted? Is he going to start a Thailand style protest movement? There is a reason that the Delhi Police comes under the Union Government and not the State Government. The whole point is to make a coup unlikely. Can you imagine having a coup in India? What a disaster of epic proportions that would be. Oh, the humanity of such a situation. And I wonder what's eliciting such a reaction from me? It's because this is not something I would have considered as even a remote possibility before this chap waltzed into the dizzying heights of national politics, stepping on the heads of giants.

You see, we don't want an errant CM, let's say for the sake of our example, Kejriwal, to be able to use the police to invade parliament. What if one day Kejriwal gets a call from his handlers and picks up the 'Rape' issue to stage a protest against and then decides to turn houses of government into Enclaves with the help of State controlled Delhi Police? (It's getting mighty confusing isn't it? He is part of the government, protesting against the government while claiming to be an ordinary man, while acting like a despot leading a population of intellectual pygmies.) What does the Union Government do in that case? Bring in the Army to fight the Police? What will the Union do when the ordinary man on the street falls for Kejriwal's deception and demands his populist but essentially anti-national measure be implemented. Will the army shoot at civilians? There is a reason that the Delhi Police comes under the Union Government and not the State Government.

Kejriwal knows this, and he also knows that the public won't support him just yet. He needs to get the Police. Once that duck is in line, the next would be the morons er... I mean the aam aadmi. This is not to say that they are all Idiots. The voices of the few intelligent ones will be drowned out by the rabble of the hoi polloi. Then comes the coup de grace. Here's to hoping all of this just remains fantastical speculation.

Now, we wait and watch.

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