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This is hilarious. Please excuse the TOIlet link, I really do not have the time to find a link from a more reputable newspaper. Hahaha, I kid, I kid, there is no such thing as a reputable newspaper. They have all been tainted, each and every single one of them without exception, and especially more so in India. But there is no denying that some do not have as much advertising vomit as TOIlet.

But come now, let us not digress...

What is so funny about that situation? Well, let me explain what's happening here. We all know that the Brits have... How should I put this politely... gone completely batshit insane in their efforts at "secularism", one only need yell, nay, whisper 'I'm offended' in the UK to have a commission set up to hear your grievance and bring the offending party to justice. Be it sexism or racism, or indeed any sort of '-ism' and not to mention our favorite 'Islamophobia' the government will be there in the trenches with you, almost literally falling over itself in a race to make sure the minority in you is appeased.

Somewhere in the UK a woman cries sexism and they chop some guy's balls off before throwing him under the bus, somewhere in the UK, a man alleges 'Islamophobia' and someone somewhere loses a parliament seat, and the large gang of men of "South Asian" descent miraculously walk free from their rape trial. There is always someone that has to pay. That someone is usually an average person/average sensibility from the majority, which in the UK is a mid twenties young employed christian white male. (Similarly this would be a early twenties young salaried Hindu male in India)

It's all good until the majority is the one that is the convenient patsy. The fun starts when the offender ends up being one from the oppressed camp, then all hell breaks lose with each "oppressed group" trying to prove that they are the more oppressed and the more deserving of special consideration. Allow me to explain with the help of this example in the link.

The problem started when some Muslim idiot realized that he'd have to interact with persons from the opposite sex for one of his class assignments. Ahem, give this guy a pat on his back, and an honorary PhD. while you're at it, he surely deserves one for his acute powers of observations. So he did the logical thing one would in his situation, kicked and screamed the magic words: 'Islamophobia! help I'm being oppressed because I am a Muslim'

Swiftly and with prejudice, the UUK ( An association of all the deans of universities in the UK) swooped in, to avenge this injustice by the oppressive laws of the white westerners that allows men and women to mingle freely, and made religion based segregation legal.

All was well, until a young feminist minded woman (of Indian descent), decided to throw a spanner in the works. It's funny how these groups that are seemingly allies in most cases, i.e; the Secularists, the Muslims, and the Feminists should have one of their own do this to them. And a BIG spanner did she throw.

We would not have heard a peep from her had the original student had non-halal meat removed from campus or had Sanskrit classes stopped on campus due to his religious sensitivities. The problem occurred because unfortunately this time, this young feminist in a display of mental gymnastics common to all three of these aforementioned groups realized there was indeed a way of spinning this into an instance of sexism against women. Talk about placing a fly in the ointment!

"How can women be excluded? This is a slippery slope", she tells us. (Indeed, men can be excluded as well, sweetheart, the law allows for segregation of sexes for religious purposes not 'denial of admission' or 'segregation of women away from men who are the logical base group' for religious purposes, but this is somehow a women's rights issue and men need not apply apparently)

Now, we find the Secularists in a bit of a dilemma, they've just realized how Physics can be a bit of a bitch sometimes. There are no absolute directions. My left is the opposing guy's right and another guy's up and and another guy's down. you can't turn 'left' for everyone, and if you try, you'll loop around so far that you'll emerge on the right.

The (militant left) vs (extremist right) is not a question of (good) vs (bad), but a question of (bad) vs (bad in a different way)

For added comic relief, please find the liberal/secular/feminist/commie tropes in this quote that is chock-a-block with them from the young feminist in question: (5 marks)

"I feel that religious sensibilities are taking precedence over basic equality laws and universal human rights protocols and I think equality must always trump religious belief. Of course religious belief is important, but equality trumps it," she added.

In other words; My equality is more equal than yours. Can someone spell "brain-washed cliche parrot"?

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