Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hindus on the internet or how I learned to stop worrying and became an internet Hindu

I have two drafts of a post detailing the role of the left in India and why I think it is an abhorrent philosophy, but I scrapped both for this one. I always wanted to write an article on this modern day Indian Jezebel, in a style reminiscent of my older blog posts. But as a more mature adult, I have too much shit to get done, hence this abridged version:

Look at this moron, no really, look at her. Doesn't that empty soulless look on her face make it an awesome target for a nice tight slap?

Yes, it is that 'Bimbo', as Ravinar from Mediacrooks likes to call her repeatedly, but I think he's being generous, I have a special place in my heart for this traitor, she is a part of that group that I like to call the Cackling Commie Cunts or tripcee for short(KRECians please forgive me) other illustrious members of this group include Burkha Dutt, Teesta Setalvad, Arundhati Roy, etc.

This is the thundercunt that invented the term: 'Internet Hindu' And if you'll remember the post I had on how the post-modern commies in our country use thought terminators, this is another good example. Now, per this twat, I am an Internet Hindu. A derogatory word that pseudo-liberals use to disparage people who do not tow their commie anti-national line, in fact anyone with even a slight deviation from their strict 'liberal' (Talk about irony) viewpoint of the world is liable to be termed as such.

The second one is referred to as an 'internet hindu', it brings to my mind an image of a saffron wearing, Gita quoting, muslim hating, trishul carrying RSS activist, and I am an 'Internet Hindu' per them goddamnit and am none of these! So, you can see how effective it must be on young impressionable morons learning about the left in college and being exposed to how this word is used to mock those that dare to critically look at things, and have their own opinion on things. Fuck groupthink, and fuck community.

If there is to be hope for India's future, such snakes should be imprisoned for what is nothing but high-treason in every sense of the term. I know that I have not explained why I think she is a desh-drohi, I am saving that for a nice juicy post, suffice to say, it will be a new take on this cunt's association with that German war criminal.

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