Monday, December 30, 2013

Water grows on trees and I am a Monkey's uncle.

Arvind Kejriwal, is the new CM of Delhi. He is like the Indian Imran Khan as far as politics is concerned. Promising a populace that has become fed up with the blatant, bold faced corruption in government, wildly popular wild subsidies including free water, cheap electricity and not to forget; a veneer of 'transparency' and 'straight-forwardness' His work has been made infinitely easier by the worthlessness of the previous CM, Ms. Sheila Dikshit. What lies beneath, however, might not be as benign.

Kejriwal is a very smart cookie, he knows how stupid the average man is, especially those residing in Delhi. When he has promised free water to a populace that does not have ANY civic sense, he is in essence letting, and indeed, asking people to abuse this privilege, there is a reason that clean water is never maintained as a public good, and especially so in a water deficient landmass such as our subcontinent, and no good can come of this farcical sop.

There will be a breakdown in the delivery infrastructure (due to dwindling revenues in an already inefficient enterprise and I don't mean just the water board) even if Peter will be robbed to pay Paul, and further. in that case what we are looking at is the conundrum that our not-so-smart neighbors across the border face in their daily lives: Circular Debt.

Circular Debt is a Pakistani invention and is a situation in which several Public Sector Organizations are indebted to each other and therefore cannot properly continue their services. This indebtedness to each other is perpetual due to the inherent nature of debt based monies which is the backbone of any 'modern' economy such as ours, you see; debt creates more debt and so, on and on the wheel of bankruptcy spins.

What's that DJB under newly appointed Vijay Kumar (who was appointed because his predecessor had the brains to understand the idiocy of this free water nonsense)? Not enough money for operational expenses? Dont pay other PSOs such as Delhi Transco(Can't not pay the aam aadmi workers of DJB now can we?), Oh what's that Delhi Transco? etc...

In due time, in true Dharmic fashion, the foolish people of Delhi will be served what they deserve in the form of deteriorating civic services and they have their own lack of critical thinking skills to blame. But, let us not forget the main point and that is, through all of this pinko tomfoolery Kejriwal will be the CM of Delhi.

The allure of communist Trojan Horses is impossible to ignore as it's covered in a sheen made of odd old ends, stolen forth from popular idealism, but it ultimately conceals forces that will corrupt.

I quote Shakespeare:

“And thus I clothe my naked villainy
With odd old ends stol'n out of holy writ;
And seem a saint, when most I play the devil.” - Richard III (scene iii)

For those that may disagree, I have two words: Trickle-down economics

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