Thursday, December 19, 2013

Vent post

Trigger Warning: A lot of massive cunts are abused in this post, so if you are one of those that are easily offended, do me a favor and get lost.

Gotta love the whole Devyani Khobragade episode, apparently it's okay to snub anyone the pinko traitors in our country disapprove of. The second this happens to one of their own, the cackling cunts that are Burka 'reveal bunker position for enemy howitzers' Dutt, Sagarika 'quivers for Kissinger's cock' Ghosh and Nidhi 'Skipped Civics class in school' Razdan ,who are all fucking traitors, get their panties into such a delicious little twist, I can't help but pinch myself to see that I am not asleep.

Ha, welcome to the real world you stupid cunts, this is nothing but sweet, delicious, deep fried schadenfreude and I love it. Cackle more please. Although, this is nowhere close to what these desh drohis deserve, it will come to them.

And who the fuck is this non-entity Devyani Khobragade? Her face tells me she is another one of those sorry excuses for a human being that often get ahead in our country. Really, you stupid cunt? You thought it a good idea to keep a slave in the US? How in the world did you think you'd get away with that? Did you think that the fact that your father's (who I hear is an even bigger waste of skin) douchebag tactics of swinging his ill-gotten corrupt cock around would work in the US just because it works back home? Fuck both these assholes for being nothing but a blithe on us as a people of our country. Fuck you you little cunt for making me feel ashamed to be an Indian in the US, and you can rest assured that I make it a point to let everyone I know what the average thinking Indian feels about pieces of detritus like you. Oh you poor bitch, what is that you say Strip search? Body cavity search? QQ more why don't you? this is all music to my ears.

Maybe it is the dharmic in me, but there is nothing sweeter than reaping your karma. As someone wise once said:

यत्कर्म कुरुते तदभिसंपद्यते

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