Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Anyone ?

Sunil tells me to make a mixtape and put it up on
I want to put it up here, but I am not sure if even one person will download it ?

I was with him the day before he was to leave. He had a flight at somewhere around 5AM, we got quite drunk, slept at 2-3 AM and I think he woke up and switched off the alarm and went right back to sleep.

"Did he miss his flight ?" you ask ? what do you think ? :P

Careless you think ?
(He is going to kick my ass if he reads this. Muahaahaa!)

Anyway, here is the Stag's guide to pubbing in Hyderabad:

Beg, Borrow or steal a girl


Go to "Club 8" (The only place which allows stags and where a glorious 'Sausage Fest' awaits thee.)

Listening to 'Rain When I Die' - AiC


Divya said...

where's the mixed tape then?

JerryKantrell said...

it is here :