Thursday, March 06, 2008

Good times.

Beautiful sky.
This Country.
In the midst of a metamorphosis.
Our very own Industrial revolution ?

Pictured: The Novotel being built at Hyderabad's new Intl. Airport.
A construction worker wearing real protective head gear, and smiling happily as he speaks into his mobile handset, (maybe) of even better times, who knows ?

Snap Courtesy this place


Varun said...

another bout of late night heavy research work happened this week, very glad the weekend is here! its difficult to come only online during noon(my time) when you are online, i am at lab working or at home sleeping depending on what happened the previous day :D. but t'row i'm free i will call you definitely, we need to chat.

and nice picture by the way, symbolizing our country's progress. its ok as long as we can hide the dead bodies of our farmers i guess.

JerryKantrell said...

haha! very true about the farmers..., and the girl babies, and the untouchables and a host of other evils inherent in Indian Society.

Doing my GMAT bit man, busy hence no new 'posts'
Will resume in full swing after the exam.

Will try to catch you on gtalk.