Tuesday, January 08, 2008

nihil ad nauseum

So, I am experimenting with a new style of writing(for me), it has obviously been done before, where they take a bunch of lines, all seemingly incoherent and unconnected, however when read together, they convey a very abstract feeling. This is my first attempt, and hence its a bit... um... pathetic for the lack of a more moderate but apt word. I would like to acknowledge my debt to Alice In Chains, my favorite band, as is apparent from my previous posts. Many of these lines are lyrics from my favorite AiC Songs 'Down In a hole' and 'Rain When I die'.

Off into the sky forever
And, then she calls my name
Did you say you would wait ?
Could you tolerate the absence of my presence ?
And did you ever care for self-reference ? Redundancy ?
Why can't I just hold you, for you ?
Why can't I care for you, for your sake ?
I think its gonna rain When I die.
Did you say 'No, this can't happen to me'?
You didn't know me at all, Didn't know me at all
I stole your crown, and cried a tear.
A tear for you, for me, for all there could be.
See how I decorate my grave.
Did you see, how I killed my desire ?
Did you see...

Thanks to AdrianaDesigner from Flickr for this snap, Thanks for releasing it into the Public domain.


listening to Late Goodbye - Poets of the Fall

' I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work the more I live. I rejoice in life for its own sake.' - G. Bernard Shaw


Violet said...

Not bad, not bad at all. But I am a little confused. My thoughts are wandering now...

But yeah, good effort, I’ll give you 9 ½ on 10. ½ mark cut for confusing me :)

HelterSkelter said...

Thank you. Very much.