Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Rubina and Famke

Sunil has gone off to SF for his third trip I dropped him off at the airport yesterday night, so, he has left his Epiphone Les Paul Special with a very snazzy transparent blue finish, named Rubina, with me.

And then there is my Deep Candy Blue RR3, Famke.

I know, I have already posted these kinds of snaps before. I don't care, this is my blog, and I don't know what to write anymore, anyway.
Here they are, aren't they so beautiful ?

And, here is Bukowski, in between them.


Listening to Plush (acoustic) - STP

"Life is short, art is long, opportunity fugitive, experimenting dangerous, reasoning difficult: it is necessary not only to do oneself what is right, but also to be seconded by the patient, by those who attend him, by external circumstances." - Hippocrates


Violet said...

I am not able to take my eyes off the bedspread and the pillows…blink..blink

HelterSkelter said...

Well, the point was to show the guitars but yes, I do have very cool 'psychedelic' covers.