Friday, February 12, 2010

Odd time signatures

and how to play 'em

This is apparently a tutorial, but it kinda makes no sense, but I know the two[one if don't count me] people who read my blog, so it doesn't really matter. Does it Slipperyreflections?

And excuse my roomie, he goes a little hyper when he is about to go out clubbing.

Tool on an acoustic! and they said it can't be done. HA!


Divya said...

true true, doesn't matter and i'm sure the bot won't care either.

lol, which one's that? (roomie i meant)

also i'v never heard you play full songs, it's always bits like this in videos. put up a whole song once!

and hair's long! yay! :D

JerryKantrell said...

the bot is my FRIEND!!! don't you dare comment on the bot! :P

this is the roomie I like, not the singer.

full song? what is that?

Yes, I tie that Japanese style pony nowadays :)

Divya said...

your uni doesn't care about 'indecent' hair lengths? aren't you all sposed to be big business men, i thot they'r anal about these things?

cool tho.

JerryKantrell said...

Fuck my university! I don't really care.
and fuck anybody else who tells me how to live my life :)
So what's up? How do you feel now?