Sunday, February 07, 2010

dis is hao u spellz nao!

Come to Cherry Hill Road's very own Hard Rock Cafe, no not the one with
the gigantic guitar, this one, with the funny spelling here in College Park, open whenever the weather is 'not in the climate.' Or, something to that effect. They serve a great beef chilli, apparently.

And, by the way, if you are wondering, the fact that inclement has been spelled as inclimate is not considered to be a misspelling, but is in fact an 'eggcorn', yeah you read that right. This is funny because I always thought that Indian languages are handicapped by their lack of vocabulary, so I don't like them. Now, I feel that English suffers from the exact opposite problem; too many words, these crazy westerners have words for everything.

Remember the one time you blinded someone by putting a hot copper basin near his or her eyes? No? well, they have a word for that, it's called 'Abacinate' or the time you left a surgical sponge accidentally inside a patient's body? No? well, it is called 'Gossypiboma' anyway, you get the point, and these words are so rare, my spell check doesn't even recognize them.

Yep, I see the problem, your lungs have turned into a large squeegee since the transplant, we have no idea how this happened, you have 15 seconds to live, oh well, easy come easy go, eh?

Well, I kid, I love the crazy westerners. I like their obsession with recording everything that ever happens. Ask an American where he is from, and he will know what his ancestors did for a living, from where they migrated and the year that their family migrated here to the states, which cities their families have lived in, etc... Ask the same question to an Indian, and he won't even know where his grandparents were born, seriously, I don't know where my grandparents were born, and I am sure my dad doesn't know where his grandparents came from either.

On an unrelated note, are Coltrane and Davis, the greatest jazz musicians ever or are they the greatest Jazz musicians ever?


Divya said...

beef chili and cheese on chips? it's awesome but it makes me sick.

JerryKantrell said...

I like beef chilly

Divya said...

beef chilly with a 'y' is always yummy but with an 'i', that means tum troubles.

Julia said...

Interesting post! :)

JerryKantrell said...

Thank you Julia, and thank you once again for taking the time to comment- This is what I write for :)