Saturday, February 27, 2010


This sad state of being
aggravates me to no end.
The form of my intent buried, unseen.
My mind wants what it can't have.
and my life; on the road to nothing
There is no rehearsal; and no retakes
This is what you have
and this what you'll get
this ordinary life bleeds me
while the truth promises no solace
and these that I hold so dear
just seem to disappear
and I try to hold on
but the rain in my head makes everything slip
I cry out for attention
but no one has an ear to lend.
I want to be someone else
but I know that this is not true
Now, I know what to feel
it makes it no easier.
I know how things will play out
I will do what I have to do
and then there will be nothing.

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