Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pale Blue Universe.

I have written about our pale blue dot on earlier occasions. But this is an ode to my planet, as heartfelt as my mediocre poetic talent allows it to be.


Nothing as calming
and welcoming
as the photograph
of our beautiful little planet,
as it hurtles through space,
shielding us from the harsh realities
of the universe,
this is my home
and yours, and everyone Else's.
I love our planet.
There may be many more like it,
but this one is ours
and I am a part of it just as it is a part of me.
We are by nature ungrateful.
Yes, cynical is what I am.
And we don't deserve such a forgiving planet
who shelters us and gives us food and
makes life possible for us.
We pollute her,
and slowly but surely obliterate her
with our crass symbols of 'civilization' and
yet she tolerates it.
It is almost as if
we deliberately
want to destroy the delicate balance
that makes our planet
the life nurturing entity that it is,
and yet she remains
as hospitable as ever.
We have but one planet,
it is a shame that we won't realize this
until it is too late.


That is the international space station, passing in front of the moon. So, I hear you say that it is a unique snap, so what? Aren't we talking about the earth here?

If you will notice, the space station seems to have a bluish tint, that is earthlight. Your representation for the rest of the universe. The bright bluish warmth of tranquility.

[Sorry, felt like ranting.]


Varun said...

she tolerates it?
she kicked civilization in the balls
earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis!

JerryKantrell said...

or you could look at it that way. As always, you have a different view. So how's Texas treating you? It's been long huh?