Monday, February 23, 2009


Welcome to another edition of 'Moron of the week'

Every once in a while, a man nay a rebel comes along, who says 'hey you, common sense! screw you, I am not going to listen to you,' and this week it was A.R.Rehman who decided to show of the inner moron in him at an event as glamorous and as widely watched as the Oscars. Now saying corny stuff like 'I was given a choice of love and hate and I chose love and here I am at the Oscars' is quite embarrassing in itself. But it doesn't qualify you as a moron just yet. It is when along with this you decide to tell a joke that things really start to take shape. You see, by introducing the element of the 'joke' we are in fact introducing fertile ground for committing faux pas moronic acts of stupidity. Now, it is here, that he shows his true talent.

How did he do that you ask?
Well, he apparently went to joke hell, seeking what is probably the first joke that was ever made. The granddaddy of all jokes.

We, here at karbage like to think that this might have been how the conversation that gave birth to this gem of an example of human un-funniness might have gone:

Caveman#1: ssup brah?
Caveman#2:enggh... the usual, killed a brontosaurus for lunch.
Caveman#1: Cool, I fought a saber toothed tiger, the wife developed a sudden craving yesterday
Caveman#2: Ooh boy, that must have been hard.
Caveman#1: oh yeah brah, definitely. I was excited and terrified at the same time, the last time I felt like that was when I married the wife.
Caveman#1: I feel ya brah, I feel ya.

And by uttering that punch line, the one that we have heard countless drunk 'I think I am so funny'-uncles utter in parties, A.R.Rehman has rightfully attained his place here on Karbage.

Rehman crooning the lyrics to his latest hit: " I fought a saber tooth, and it was easier than getting married."

I confess. I did watch the results of this year's Oscar Awards. On the News of course.

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