Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hairy Donkey B*lls

Rabble Rabble, Once again I hear discontent brewing among my blog's minuscule almost embarassingly tiny, single digit readership.
'Say HS, what is this filth, you have been spitting out recently ?' they wonder.

If my address were known, I would probably have been on the run for fear of being lynched by my readers(I know 'readers' is in plural, I am not sure it really is.)I can almost see it in my mind, 2 or three bespectacled, hunchbacked bloggers with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, chasing after me, shouting 'You Serpent, you enticed us into reading absolute crap and made us waste our valuable time, time which we will never get back' or a more succinct 'Die pig, Die'

I know the Quality of the posts have been really bad, and I seem to be focusing more on quantity rather than quality, No More!. Nay, I shalt not torment thee any further. I hope what I post from now on shall be better.

I love Meta-humor, for example this post, I say that I will post better stuff from now on, yet this post itself is quite appallingly written.

Elkism #9 (which is also a variation on the 'Liar's Paradox',)

If you think all humans are ignorant, you might not be all that ignorant yourself - SiegerKranz Meer


Listening to Fire Dance - Mahesh Tinaikar


Violet said...

So am I one of the “bespectacled, hunchbacked bloggers with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”? Believe me or not I am actually quite pretty and not hunchbacked and smart and intelligent and...very un-modest :) and you are way too hard on yourself.

HelterSkelter said...

Believe it or not I am very un-pretty(ugly), hunchbacked(almost),stupid(IQ < 40)and un-modest ;D and I like the whole self-deprecation thing. So every other blue-moon in a leap year, when I do finally get a compliment, it feels really nice, and when someone says 'hey you suck man!' I can take it and laugh back at him with a 'yeah I know' which totally confuses them.