Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Queen of hearts

Have you seen this show on TV called Bleed er... I mean Leed* India ?(* I know that I spelt it wrong, I don't want any copyright bullshit)
It is the dumbest shit I have seen on TV so far, and that does not say a lot about it.
They are apparantly finding India's next leader, here is their 'Mission Statement' Haha. Funny.

Back to business, So they see this as a platform to launch the careers of these 'new leaders' in just the same way as other reality shows have catapulted, ordinary people with sub-ordinary talents into stardom, Just look at how 'BIG' manufactured Stars\Bands like Asma, Abhijith Sawanth, Viva have made it. They are everywhere you look. NO! Wait. My bad. Sorry, all that is in the alternate universe where everything is the opposite of what it is here, where I am a famous blogger, and someone who is not an idiot makes the rules. And Shah Rukh Khan is a macho man and AB has some integrity. I digress, my apologies

So, I like this lady called Ab*a Singh, on the show, she is slightly pretty, and gives me so much material to write about.
Consider this, she gives the following scenarios and then passes what I call 'Off with his head' judgements.

1) Man kills wife, burns her body after suspecting her fidelity. Gets a death sentence.

Now as you all know I feel anyone who supports the death sentence for anything is a fascist. Surprise Surprise, she agrees with this decision. I wonder why it is always the man killing the woman, I guess she hasn't heard of people like Karla Faye Tucker or Frances Newton

2) Person guilty of corruption ?
She feels that he\she should be hanged.
Yes, chairman Mao will be very pleased, also it would halve the country's population, thereby preventing the need for the compulsory culling of extra children\old people, a step which might be the only way out if we are to keep making babies, like we have been doing.

3) Person committed rape ?
She feels that he\she should be hanged.
I agree that rape is a heinous crime, and that people who commit rape have no place in society, but a death sentence for rape ? Next they'll say chop off their hands if they steal, chop off their tongues if they blaspheme. We might as well go back to living like they did in the 11th century and hold up kangaroo courts in peoples' backyards to speedily get rid of all of society...
OOPS! I meant the 'evils of society'.

2) An official in the narcotics department takes a bribe and allows 'dangerous drugs' to flood the market which in turn causes hundreds of deaths. Yet, he only gets a sentence of 5 years in prison.

Needless to say she says no, she expects him to get the death penalty. Why ? Because he causes so many deaths. Oh Yeah ? by the extension of that logic, almost everybody should be hung, for example, take the idiot who fills the fuel into your car at the gas station, the very fuel which drives the vehicles that kill so many people when they crash. Hang the Gas station assistant! I say.
Consider people who cook food or even farmers. They make food available for humans to eat, the same humans who turn out to be murderers and kill other people thereby causing so many deaths, hang the cooks and hang the Farmers. Oh wait, Government apathy is making the Farmers hang themselves of their own volition anyway.

Hanging criminals doesn't bring back dead people, doesn't bring back a woman's virginity, It won't bring back the time wasted nor the inconvenience caused by Corruption. All it does, is make us, as bad and as contemptible as the criminals themselves.

Elskism #10

Beware, while you fight the monster, lest you become one yourself, too.

I hope you catch the drift.

If you have read Lewis Caroll, you might remember a particular game of croquet, and a strange little queen. Maybe Alice in Wonderland wasn't such nonsensical literature after all.

is one funny Wikipedia article: I found while trying to search for a wiki page on Asma

'The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.' George Bernard Shaw

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