Thursday, January 17, 2008

Deus Ex.

cæruleus: Hey did you see this play 'om pax pacis om' ?

Victorus: Nah ! I hate that writer.

cæruleus: No man, you should watch this one. It is good

Victorus: It is easy to be popular nowadays man, I have a great idea for a play.

cæruleus:yeah ?

Victorus: Yeah, all you got to do is write one on a subject which can't be criticized. say a retarded kid, or a Paraplegic Veteran. Something which people trying to act cool and appear sensitive, will want to watch. You know something which will make anyone, who criticizes it, look like an inconsiderate, uncouth, and insensitive brute.

cæruleus: Haha, yeah, and his friends will have a ball, criticizing his lack of sensitivity.

Victorus: There you go. SO then you make something bad happen to the character. Bring in a Patriarchal figure, you know... one who will guide the Retard and make a hero out of him. The feminists aren't to surface for a few hundred years anyway.

cæruleus: Hey! aren't you killing this dialogue with your anachronisms ?

Victorus: Aren't you breaking the fourth wall, a forbidden act, a non-sequitur ? you think the audience; the gods, will forgive you ?

cæruleus: Touche! pussy cat. But the gods are benevolent, One is a shade of Blue, she 'd care not for a non-sequitur, another is a circular snack eaten on a particular day apparently he doth manifest himself in me, Another is the sun, he is in transit.They observe, and they judge, but, he who controls us, is filthy, that is his name.

Victorus: Are you high ? Peyote ?

cæruleus: No, so go on.

Victorus: Yeah and then you make the retard overcome astronomical odds maybe add a Montage in there somewhere, and then the retard emerges victorious at the end. You will be able to fill an ocean with the tears you will make the audience churn out. And to top it off, give it a name which suggests many layers of depth like 'astro humus'* or something intangible and totally unrelated to the plot like 'niger'#

cæruleus: The public is stupid eh ?

Victorus: yup.

cæruleus: So, why don't you ?

Victorus: It's been done a million times already.

cæruleus: Hang on, waiter! another amphora please.

* Grammatically incorrect Latin for 'stars on the ground'
# Latin for 'Black'
Amphora: A vessel that people in Rome, keep wine in.
The writer wishes to say that he is not the kind of person to make fun of retarded people, he uses 'retard' here to signify how the ordinary man views them. As some 'thing' to have pity on. As if somehow, due to ill fortune, they deserve our contempt.


Saturday Night Takeout said...

Quite enjoying this banter :)

HelterSkelter said...

I had hoped you would.