Thursday, January 24, 2008


I crashed my car today.

Fuck, I feel like a moron.

Was getting back home from the school.

There is a college on the way.

Saw this chick walking a sexy walk.

She was wearing blue, my favorite shade of blue.

Cornflower blue.

And no, I am not gay


I passed her by.

I wasn't satisfied with just a second's worth of 'view'

I kept watching her in the rear-view mirror.

My eyes were where they weren't supposed to be.


I scraped the side of my car against an incoming auto.

I lost my side-view mirror.

I lost my self-dignity too.

I felt blue, real blue

But I had a good laugh at myself.

And I saw the carcass of my side-view mirror on the road.


Listening to Ms Lazarus - Hum

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