Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Destroy the Hindu!

Good day everyone, I'd like to see a change in the communal attitude in India towards what I think is the most ironically named entity in our country. What I am talking about is of course 'The Hindu.' This publication's actions are so repugnant to my beliefs that I had a hard time capitalizing the 'T' and the 'H.' I have absolutely no respect for the hindu.

For those of you unaware although I doubt it, 'the hindu' is a respected paper in the country whose reputation for antisemitism... Oops, I mean Islamophobia... er... Anti-Hindu sentiments. (Now, why don't we have a short sweet word for that? I guess I could get with 'hinduphobia' or 'Indophobia' or perhaps the more easier on the tongue: 'Sekularism' but that is a topic for another day) is only surpassed by it's putrid reputation as a sanctimonious mouth-piece for the bunch of pillagers that pass themselves off as politicians and form the current government in India led  anchored by the oh-so-secular Congress party.

The hindu is obsessed with such a deep founded hatred for the Dominion of India that it is hard to believe that this paper ever had any sense of proportion, thus depriving me of the chance to use that awesome idiom in a formal sentence. This paper publishes writers who engage in what can only be construed as sedition against the state of India and its people, who spread disinformation that is clearly anti-national, it willingly acts as a propaganda platform for the incompetent morons in the Congress party who willfully work towards pacifying and in fact pleasing Pakistan; a country that practically every country in the world is abandoning like a bag full of pig shit, even its Ummah brethren like Afghanistan, Iran etc.,  have lost all patience dealing with Pakistan. The party tirelessly works towards the detriment of a large portion of the country in order to appease the minority in what is nothing but Pork-Barrel politics of the most malevolent kind.

The repeated attempts by this paper to push the lie that India is some sort of apartheid state that favors the Hindu majority is nauseating and downright disingenuous, however we have Shakespeare who said something along the lines of:

"And thus I clothe my naked villany
With odd old ends stol'n forth from holy writ,
And seem a saint, when most I play the devil."

One wonders what holy writ these people borrow from, because they have done an excellent job of painting themselves as worthy of their repulsive sanctimoniousness and their lofty throne on the Ivory Tower, disconnected from us, the vast unwashed, communal masses and free to judge us for the terrorists that we are.

The recent beheading of an Indian soldier along the LOC was quickly put down as 'no big whoop' by the hindu and we saw everyone's favorite Quisling aka Praveen Swami stumbling over himself in a rush to put out a story[In perfect double time rhythm with the Islamic morons across the border trampling over each other to show the world the proof of Hindu terrorism] about some grandma from the Indian side causing these border tensions ultimately implying that it was Indian impotence at having even our grandmothers leave us to join the great secular love fest that is Pakistan that led to the escalation. We all know that had the accusation been on India, they'd want to put out a big article on the front page about Indian misadventures inside Pakistani territory complete with an infographic about the 12 Billion Pakistanis that India has beheaded since the past 3000 years.

For a paper that has the backing of a large part of the Indian Intelligentsia and educated middle class, hiding behind a cloak of impartiality and progressive thought, the fact that they insisted on calling that absolute non entity that I shall only refer to as RG as a 'Yuvraj' pretty much makes the hindu a very effective Congress flier.

Even if we are to assume that all I have written prior to the previous paragraph is false, the fact that so many people, especially the blind, like to read the hindu, and have a false sense of trust in its supposed 'reputation', such irresponsible declarations are deliberate attempts to mislead the public and are nothing but propaganda for the Congress and shame on us for letting this pass and not taking this POS paper to the task. We are guilty of communalism, and with this passivity, our country and society are doomed to remain a perpetual puer aeternus

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