Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's been a while...

Back after a long hiatus. My life has changed in such profound ways, I will not be continuing my old style of blogging.

After getting interested in politics in the parts of the world that I am familiar with, I will be concentrating on discussing my views of the neighborhood of India, and the ham-fisted way in which India goes around dealing with the issues it faces both internally and externally.

Of course I will also be talking about Pakistan, Afghanistan and any other neighbor that matters to the Indian context. I will be showering special attention on Pakistan, everyone's favorite Failed State.

Things are going to get heated and fun!

So, please go ahead and unsubscribe, I won't mind. You guys have been good, and I appreciate having had you as readers, but this blog is changing direction and most of you won't like where it is headed.

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