Thursday, May 27, 2010

don't go away, and come again another day

I am still reading the essay that I am going to write a synopsis for, it is more like a novel than an essay, and add to the fact that it is a philosophical essay, means that each sentence needs to be dissected and thought about before I can move on, hence, it is not going to be done for some time at the least and this is especially so because I am back on an anime binge right now, just started watching bleach after having finished Basilisk, which I would recommend to you if are into this sort of a thing.

I am in Herndon, VA right now, at my uncle's place, and there's a thunder storm brewing here, just the perfect weather for a night out watching some good anime on a nice comfy bed under a warm duvet. But the unfortunate part is that unlike in India when such weather usually means loud thunder and the pitter patter of the rain on the roof and the whirring of the fan and the sweet sweet smell of moist soil, here it usually means a slight smell of gasoline, muffled thunder and maybe the quiet wheezing of the air conditioning. Because most American houses are so well insulated and the windows are usually so thick, you cant hear anything :(

Indian houses on the other hand are usually very well ventilated, we never keep our windows closed except in the summer when we use the AC, and the roofs are usually flat and we invariably have terraces (where we as kids often play cricket), and this is unlike here where the roofs are mostly sloping in order to accommodate the snow and rain. So, in India, such weather usually means a respite from the heat in the form of a cool, and crisp but fiery draft of wind that smells like a piece of heaven, and the noise of street dogs howling in the distance, add to this the smell of wood burning in make shift fires and you have your very own dream.

And you could attribute this view of mine to bias, but ask anybody and many will call me a self hating Indian because I criticize my country so much, but this is one aspect where I have to admit that living in India is clearly more romantic than living in the US

Here is a shot from my terrace in India:

water falls

My Terrace:


Heavy rain on a cold September morning.


And my favorite; rain clouds gather over my house.



Sandeep said...

The 2nd and 4th photos don't look like you have shot them... :)

JerryKantrell said...

haha, I don't know if you meant it as such, but I am going to take your comment as a compliment.

Thanks man.