Saturday, February 14, 2009


Yet another Valentines day passes by.
You know what?
I think all couples are evil.
and that they made up this day to poke even more fun at us single folk.
While they hide behind the cocoon of their unholy, unfalsifiable, solipsistic universe.
It is a bit like celebrating 'Not Handicapped' day.
Where all day long we celebrate the fact that we are not physically handicapped by prancing around doing that Russian dance thing in front of people who are. Because being normal, with working limbs, is such a wonderful, tender and beautiful thing isn't it?

Okay, okay, maybe a bit harsh, and unoriginal too [1000 points for you if you guess whom I stole it from]

But, yeah, this is me.

And for those of you wondering what the Russian dance thing is, it is this:

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JerryKantrell said...

No, not you. You obviously know who, it won't be a 'guess' yeah?