Monday, December 01, 2008

Kill myself ? naw, I would let the law do that.

Suicide, apparently, is a crime in some countries. I suppose anything that stupid should naturally be something that our country too would follow, I really haven't the time to find out, okay, I am too lazy to find out, and I don't really care for the specifics. Like a writer's license;

"This writer is hereby authorized to make shit up for the purpose of facilitating more interesting writing"

So am I right when I say this: That suicide is the only crime that will get you punished if you fail at committing the crime, and that if you are successful, you get to cheat the justice system, which men have worked so hard for, and even gone to the extent of sacrificing their lives for?, because you won't be around to face the fury of our well meaning but misguided judicial farce, oops, I mean system.

I mean its not like they can kill you twice, amirite ?

Another point to note is that this particular law, the one that makes trying to kill yourself illegal that is, does nothing toward reducing the instances of the crime within its purview. For example, you rob a bank, you go to jail, and you lose out on valuable years of your life, get raped in the ass by Bubba, and eventually reach a mental state where you get aggressive when people come near your food; like an untrained animal. So people will think twice before committing theft. In the case of suicide, I would think that making it a crime would only further strengthen the person's will to actually kill him or herself, we wouldn't want to fail and go to jail now would we ?

He'd be all: "I am killing myself because I can't stand life anymore, I have to make sure I do a good job, I don't want to fail at this EPIC FAIL of mine and end up being punished, I can only imagine what prison life and bubba's *ahem* you-know-what would taste like."

So pardon my stupidity when I suggest that instead of treating these people who are obviously mentally unsound\In pain\plain stupid like criminals, we should treat them like say, oh I don't know... people who NEED help and professional guidance ???

Hehe, it would be better of the guy would just kill a few of his enemies and then get hanged for the crime, two birds with one stone ;) [also, the law does a pretty good job of sending people to hell, they won't fuck up]

On a side note: did you guys hear the bit where the Kerala CM likened the family of that NSG commando who died in the recent blasts to dogs?

I know that for a person who self-admittedly hates the armed forces, and even the concepts of 'country', 'religion' etc. I should not really care. Not really. You see whatever might he have been, he has still done his 'job' and his family at least deserves the respect of its wishes being met. So Fuck you Mr. CM, you insensitive prick, I hope you fucking die.

[look I don't like countries, but we have one right now, and I can't do anything about it, so I have to live with it, in case you are wondering]

And the whole country is now saying what I have been ranting about since long: get the security arrangements, no, the whole fucking bureaucratic machinery in order in this country.

It is also nice to see the furore that is being created in the media these days, although the rot that has crippled this country cannot so easily be catharsized it is reassuring to know that some people are getting sick and tired of the disservice that politicians of our country do to it, maybe that day when the politicians are afraid of the people instead of the inverse relation that we see today may not be that far off. Or am I dreaming ? I also think that the people will soon forget the whole jingoist attitude that seems to be controlling their actions as soon as they get back to their LCD TVs, their 8 "Lakhs Per Annum"s, their neighborhood gossip and their 'MINDBLOWING' hind-pop oriented reality shows. I would give them about 3 weeks time.

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