Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pay ? why ???

TPB celebrates its fifth birthday.

Yeah! you hear that MPAA and RIAA ? screw you guys and your monopolistic practices!

Oh, also, gonna check out Chinese Democracy so that I can whine about how GNR has lost its way [or not; highly unlikely however.]

Also, the MPAA's official site lists that 81 Million counterfeit DVDs have been caught since last year, hehe. The joke here being: 81 million. Get it ?

Give both[MPAA and RIAA] their sites a visit, and take pleasure in the fact that both devote an overwhelmingly major portion of content to 'piracy' and call most ordinary folk; thieves thereby implying how much Torrents and other beneficial sites such as mediafire and megaupload are hurting them. And thank god these Scandinavian countries have such awesome laws or the lack thereof.

Remember kids, keep a share ratio of at least 1, ok ? because ripping off the torrent community is NOT kosher ;)

[as pictured]

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