Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bombay Shining

I woke up late today, so I was in a hurry to get to work. It was my grandma who told me about the latest round of attacks that were happening in Mumbai. I had just enough time to make out the photo of a normal looking guy with a big fucking gun and the look of crazed euphoria on his face, apparently one of the few who went around using IRL Mumbai like a new Q3 map.

Get this: one of the terrorists hijacked a police vehicle and drove around throwing grenades and killing nay fragging people. Holy fucking shit, he is\was living out a nerd's fantasy. It seems that they arrived by boat, carrying AK-47s bombs, grenades etc., blew up a few places, ran around shooting wildly and took a few hostages. God damn crazy ass shit. All while our country slept sleeps.

So, I just got back impatient to watch the news and see the farce that was waiting to amuse me. And boy, did India deliver. I had a troll recently, in fact a junior of mine from NITK, who thought that I was being a little too harsh on our country, well here is my reply: "Fuck You" I would explain and clarify my position in said matter, but meh! I don't care enough to wanna clarify.

The honorable incompetent home minister who seems to be more inept than an obese middle aged housewife [yeah, I love being sexist, hehe] was a treat to watch, mispronouncing words, claiming that 'we won't let these terrorists cause any harm' at 2 PM today, after about a 100 people have died, including 14 policemen. The number of terrorists killed ? 5. yeah 5.

Anybody thinks that the world would be a better place if Barkha Dutt were shot dead ? What a fucking good for nothing self-righteous bitch! I saw her interviewing some crappy two bit politician when she asked him 'what are some of the most touching or moving scenes that greeted you when you visited the hospitals and saw the dead ?'

Because just people dying is not enough, we want tragedy, whatever flavor it might be.

Apparently, the government MAY be negotiating with the terrorists. My patriotism is at an all time high now. Not. [Post Script; now they say No Negotiations with the terrorists]

tl;dr I shall leave it here, getting way too long.


Ritesh Ranjan said...

Yes, I completely agree with your assessment of Barkha Dutt or her types. And your home minister has come up with another brilliant comment- "Bombay jaise bade shahron mein aisi chhoti baaten hoti rehti hain".
BTW where is Raj Thakrey n company? Missing another drama.

Slippery Reflections said...

like GTA no? insane shite!

thesilentq said...

so much i agree about barkha dutt. that was the best channel to watch but she was just so...herself.

JerryKantrell said...

I like the brouhaha that is feeding off the emotions of the people in India right now.