Saturday, November 22, 2008

ONOEZ Holiday are over!!!

"Fuck Da Police"

A sentiment I find resonating well with the vast sections of society that exist these days. I have seen it written on the back of Autos [what balls prompted the fucker to write inflammatory remarks against an enemy under whose mercy lies his only means of livelihood is anyone's guess] and on the baseball caps of swanky, fashionable hipsters walking the streets of Bangalore in their ill fitting shorts and a stagger that seems deliberately unforced in an almost 'I am a faggot way' wanking on their Ipod Nanos listening to the sound of music slowly dying.

While wishing harm of any nature on the police force, is, for me, an admirable sentiment, however what prompts these people to do so with the bastardism 'da' replacing the simple old 'the' borrowed from old English that centuries of white folk and now we have come to love is bewildering. People these days think that it is cool to look stupid, didn't we all know that ?

So the phrase is confusing to me, while the idea itself is a mature one and implies a through understanding of the world, the choice of words implies an underdeveloped mind! Which one is it ? is someone wanking me here ?

Ok ok, I just wanted to rant a little today, I have been out of station if you haven't noticed. But, I am back and wanted to vent the frustration of having to live my regular old boring life again.


ashwinxn said...

ipodz r kewl while da police r notz.

I have a sneaky suspicion that most kids walking around with "fuck the police" printed on their T-shirts don't even really know what the NWA were going on about.

Whatever Dr Dre, 25 Rupees and those other hip-hop clowns say in their songs is considered gospel by kids these days. What really confuses me, is how a middle class kid going to Christ college relates to songs about, guns, rims, "da hood" and bitches drinking Cristal in da clubz.

JerryKantrell said...

yeah it is a bit like these wannabe fucks who wear band t-shirts like slipknot and dragonfarce, oops, I mean dragonforce, I tried asking one guy wearing said slipknot T a while ago, what his favorite slipknot song was, the fucker did not even know that slipknot was a band.

and dude! I fucking hate hip-hop, I am genuinely prejudiced as far as it is concerned.