Saturday, October 04, 2008

ssup yaw ?

Sorry, been busy, dad just arrived, have been shopping like crazy. I went to Hyderabad Central, and man did I find the same kind of phony and horrible people as those that I left Bangalore to get away from. They have gone tonight as well, I have to go pick them up now :(

I am trying to write my business school essays, but I have absolutely no interest in doing so. I had hoped of getting an admit in Round 1, but now I think I will be applying only in Round 2. The stupid TOEFL derailed my plans of applying to Ross, but hey! I've got another round :)

what is it you ask ? well I plan on doing my MBA in micro-finance.

So instead of writing essays, I am learning Tool songs on my acoustic guitar and basically pissing away the hundreds of hard earned US Dollars that the schools think 'cool' to charge' as application charges I would think that they would give me at least a free Ipod Shuffle or something for that kind of money ($230).

Does anyone have free money they can lend me ? I work in Non-profit dammit, it means I get paid barely enough to buy matches to light my smokes, and then there's the stupid new law.

Oh and these ClustrMap guys refreshed my map, I feel like a noob! It now looks like the face of a teenager with acne instead of the blister ridden skin of a HIV+ crack whore that it is supposed to be.

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