Wednesday, October 08, 2008

condensified stupidness.

Yeah, the title is intentionally erroneous.

I have been trying to make a video to put up here, you know... for kids. But obviously, I am not a golfer.

Bad Coen brothers references apart, I am serious, the only problem is that I know I will screw up every 'take' of said video necessitating a recharging of the cameras batteries and other problems, so I said screw it. I ain't that dedicated, and besides, I earn no money from this blog.

And damn this slowdown\recession\depression for deciding to rear its ugly head at exactly the same time I want to get into a b school. Is this some kind of conspiracy ? help.

And what the hell is happening on Prison Break ? chaotic nonsense. And that Roland character... Asian, hacker, nerdy ? really ? its like the show is running with no writers on board.

If you want to watch a good video movie I suggest you look no further than 'Sublime'
it is unbelievable what some people can manage with a budget of less than 2 million, and the best part about the movie ? its awesome sound track. Go check it out if you can and have the time. The stunning Katherine Eves who is very easy on the eyes is an added bonus.

More as I get the time.

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