Thursday, October 16, 2008


So I have decided to postpone all my apps to Round 2, which gives me a bit of a breather. For now. But it also means that I am now the designated driver for my parents.

Round 2 eh ?

Here is a nice comic for you guys to read, my best compliment ? well, this is a comic which tends to confuse you if you know the technical difference between cyberpunk and postcyberpunk; Right right, I forgot, it is called Heavy Liquid and is by Paul Pope, the guy who did Batman: Year 100.

I know that megaupload kinda sucks, but this is what I have, although luckily the captcha is easy to read and has just 3 letters.

I recently found Joe Sacco's 'Palestine' if you want it, just let me know since finding a copy in India ees a wee bit difficult it ees. yes.

Will put up a mixcd later, since my first one was received positively by certain sections of my acquaintances.[even writing like that makes me feel phony]

Updates later.


Anonymous said...

I like the pic of the cat :)

JerryKantrell said...

yes, that are serious cat.