Sunday, October 19, 2008

pastime nay! timepass

Now, during the last US presidential debate, McCain walked off stage in the wrong direction, after which he proceeded to vent his surprise over this faux pas, in the most delicate, controlled, and dignified manner that only a possible future leader of a country can:

Funny eh ?
anyway, it seems that now, this is turning into some sort of meme. With people taking advantage of the plethora of options that such an awesome snap throws up, especially the creative ones. So what are you waiting for ? start that illegal copy of PS CS3 that you have, and go crazy.

Here is one that is just downright hilarious [I am not sure what license this has, nor who made it, but it is awesome all the same. So, apologies to the creator.]:


Anonymous said...

awesome man...copyright mr.vijet [:)] right ??

- Chandru

JerryKantrell said...

haha, I wish man.