Friday, September 05, 2008

Black cheese, and red water.

What do the faggots that run this country think they are doing ?

I mean I have seen porno movies with a greater sense of purpose than these morons.

The last I heard, they were planning to put an Indian on the moon, and they were contemplating naming them "antariksh-nauts"[No, Seriously!]

Oh, so they decided that they have solved all known problems here on earth and India, and that they now want to send goddamn people to the moon ? because dirtying just one planet is not good enough.

Let me say that again.

They want... to send... people, no Indians... to the freaking moon!

Why the fuck would they want to to do a pointless thing like that ?

Now, I presume that it has to do with our desire to build up our self-confidence as a nation, and this is our feeble attempt at impressing the other nations. Sigh! If only the country were a teenager, a new cell-phone or a haircut would have sufficed.

I wonder who is the douche who came up with this retarded idea. I can imagine him discussing the plan with the politician who greenlit this steaming turd of an idea.

Retarded Douche: Sir I have an idea.
Regular Politician: Ok, say.

RD: Well, I am thinking that we should send an Indian... I hope you are ready for this... to the moon.
RP: Hmmm, ok, but why ?

RD: Who cares ? We are going to the moon! Woohoo man!
RP: Holy sweet mother of God, you are right! Hang on for a minute while I drop kick this leper from Bihar who lost his only worldly possessions in the Floods and is clinging on to me as his only hope of survival, and bitch slap the grandma over there who is waiting for her much delayed compensation, while delicately maneuvering around these filthy people from the interior parts of the country who are dying from starvation and official apathy that can only be termed criminal and nothing else, to reach the government checkbook. The terminally ill and the downtrodden can wait, I wanna go to the moon!
[while the Retarded Douche makes a Swooooooooooooosh noise pretending to be a rocket]

Look all I am saying is that; maybe, just maybe, and I am not an economics graduate or a PhD in macro-economics or anything, but maybe the money we use to send people to the moon, a thing that has already been done and has not proven to be the cure for poverty and disease or anything in fact, could be used for something a bit more productive ? like say making sure that no one dies from starvation or easily curable diseases ?

I am just saying.

In other news; a woman is being compensated [after suing] for being hit by a cricket ball in a stadium, which is a bit like suing the army for being shot at while in active duty. And winning.


Divya said...

now that was funny! :D you being pissed off at the world is much fun to read!

JerryKantrell said...

thanks :P

Note to all, corrected a typo['god' instead of 'good']

Anonymous said...

u not on gmail nowadays ??

Varun said...

may be they can take the leper and the grandma to the moon as part of the compensation, at least for the test launch.

so the Russians test launched with a dog, and the Americans with a Monkey and us with 'filthy people'.

JerryKantrell said...

@varun hehe, nice idea, we could even round up some cattle from the streets here in India, why should the Russians and the Americans have all the fame ?

@anon since long yaar, so how is Worcester ?

Anonymous said...

dude...go out of your regular life and take a look at what's really happening in the think India has not really tried and attempted removing poverty!
try talking to all those mumbai slum ppl who have been given good decent houses to live in and all they do is rent it out to get extra away money to the poor doesnt really make him rich...poor is a way of life..unless they are trained to do something with that money they will only know how to spend it!!

and comin to your perturbing moon joke...
thats just part of developing science and technology!
it would be like asking a research student why are you studying number theory before cryptography came into existence!!!
you cant really predict the world dude...some things got to take its course..
If we dont have anything invested in technology just imagine we have war tomorrow...and we have nothing but well fed poor ppl...we can do nothing more than sending our poor turned rich(who will eventually turn poor)into battle!
there are reasons for everything and the government actually does justify it...its out in the public...try searching the net for once and youl know why we have a moon mission!!!
until then...get a life instead of posting arbit Condy


Varun said...

'poor is a way of life'

that was awesome! XD

JerryKantrell said...


Wha...? what was it that you tried to say ?
Too Long, too fucking boring, did not read your comment.
Learn to be concise.

ZSIndrax said...

@Jerry on his uncalled for Yawn...

its precisely this attitude which ends up making ppl like you write with a blank brain...

let me explain a typical day in jerry's life:
one fine 'Yawn' morning..jerry reads the newspaper:
"nuclear deal making head way":

jerry:'Yawn'...holy shit why are we having the nuclear deal..blow those faggots...we need no nuceleaaaaar deal!

"serial blasts in delhi":

Jerry:" is the govt doin...the govt's minister's many more incidents until they tighten up security"
if little jerry had actually take some time to think India's a country with the world's largest police force and we'r still unable to detect random bombs..then no other country would possibly be able to cope up with such a situation either!

instead of Yawning take some time out from today onwards atleast and go thru details before u start arguments...atleast then you wont take it up ur ass....

and btw kid...the world cant be described concisely in graduate out off kindergarten and learn to read sentences....

aadi said...

I guess you have been spending a lot of time in a garbage dump!!
What the fuck do you want to do with my hard earned money tat the government extorts as tax?
Treat those rabid dogs you spend your nights with?
I would much rather have the government do something cool like build a spaceship rather than build hospitals to treat brainless annoying loud donkeys like you.
Nobody gives a fuck about idiots like you!! But I guess your pea sized brain cant understand something like that.

Varun said...

government should do something cool eh?
yup, thats they are here for. hope they throw a nation-wide party for celebrating you reaching puberty someday.

JerryKantrell said...

@ZSIndrax: Who would have thought that an innocuous little yawn would have you weak at the knees and your panties in a knot ?

Oh and I am SO hurt because you called me names.

@aadi: did you mean to reply to my post ? or did you wind up here by mistake ?

JerryKantrell said...

@varun: Holy shit dude!, that was EPIC PWNAGE. I feel sorry for the mofo now, hehe ;)

ZSIndrax said...

looks like your explicit display of personal emotions of unusual female feelings and not to forget your clothing just spilled the beans about the big Vagina you'v got.
Listen buster next time before you decide to start crying about what all names you'v got to try and shut your jabbering Vagina...graduate to primary school...start reading out the sentences...use you dysfunctional brain...and comprehend that 'kid' doesnt really fall into the category of 'names'

ZSIndrax said...

@Varun: That was
epic pawnage indeed....!!!

JerryKantrell said...

dude, you are getting immensely boring, let it go.

You logged on to my blog at 12AM just to write all that in the hopes of 'enlightening' me to the wisdom of your ways ? Hilarious!

Heil ZSINdrax(pbuh)!

ZSIndrax said...

you'r right...It is getting immensely boring replying to kids who cant read sentences or timings appended on footers...

JerryKantrell said...

Is that all you have ?
Personal attacks ?
You keep coming back with no valid points, you have some serious emotional issues, maybe your daddy didn't hug you enough when you were a kid.
Oh and since you love this country so much, here is a gift for you:
*Fuck India.*
Ooh, I hope it got your blood boiling. You want to hit me now ? call me a traitor ?
Pathetic bourgeoisie thinking.

JerryKantrell said...

So, unless you have some real points that you want to discuss, do us all a favor, don't come back.

But if you do have something worth discussing, then by all means let's.