Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Time is precious.

I have a can of coke and a smoke with me, and it is short story time.
[but only because there were no negative comments the last time around. Oh btw, I am experimenting with a new super short story form, called a 'ustory', where the limit is; "not more than a few sentences, and it should get some information across, while not feeling 'incomplete' "]


Fucking hell.
Even the devil must have dozed off by now.
The least she could do is talk to me.
Sleep is killing me and the road seems to be behaving erratically,
I hate my car.
I guess she doesn't care much for her own life either.
Her boyfriend sleeps like a log, just my luck.
I can imagine the look on my friends' faces when I tell them about this.
They are gonna yank my legs until they fucking detach.

I am such an idiot!
Yes, I am.
"At 4! The night of your exam? are you retarded ?"
And crap!
I missed it... missed the exam... yeah, I did.

Well... You know.
But she doesn't.

Edit: corrected 'dosed' to 'dozed' (metaphysical irony! )


Divya said...

did you coin that 'ustory'?

i like i like! :D

JerryKantrell said...

Yes I did, * bow *