Monday, September 01, 2008

Bad ???

So poems aren't too popular with the readers.
especially ones that are written by a man with no poetic talent.

Here I try my hand at being a playwright, and here is a play in parts, at first glance it may seem like a comedy but is in fact not.


Ken Haywood
: An American National living in Mumbai whose internet connection was used to send some Terror related emails. He is was under investigation.
Various incompetent Police officers: who were involved and contributed to the whole mess.
The Highly Intelligent Immigration officer who let Kenneth flee.
Unamused passerby


Somewhere in a press Conference in Mumbai

Random Journalist: Sir how could you let Ken Haywood flee ?
Senior official: Who ?

RJ: Why did you not impound his passport ?
SO1: What ?

Act II

A day earlier, at IGI airport a random immigration counter.

Immigration Officer: Yes, Mr Kenneth haywood, a one way ticket to the US I see.
Ken Haywood: [nervous but trying his best not to show it.] er... yes.

IO: Welcome to India sir!
KH: [Confused] Huh ?

IO: Hey, I see you somewhere!
KH: [mumbles] no

IO: Oh yes, I remember, I see you on TV you with police, yes ?
KH: [Dejectedly; thinks his game is up] yeah.

IO: Did you catch the criminal sir ?
KHL: Huh ?

IO: Oh I see, top secret is it ?
KH: er... yes yes, top secret [pulls trigger on imaginary gun formed with his fingers and blows away the imaginary smoke before winking].

IO: Very nice sir, very nice! Here you go sir, your passport and your ticket, hope you like my country, have fun.
KH: Huh?... Ok.


Random passerby after hearing the news on the TV

RP: Awesome, He could have gone to the airport with "Arrest me" tattooed on his forehead and he still would not have been caught.
RP#2: haha, yeah, freaking useless pigs.


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