Friday, August 29, 2008

Nihil Sum.

Let's you and I go on a ride.
On our magic carpet we fly,
We float to a beach somewhere.
Just in time for dusk,
as the sun seems to go; "bye".

The dance of the heady blues
and the composed oranges,
it makes us happy.
What what would it be ?
if it were not for us who feel,
and appreciate and discuss it.

The silhouettes barely hide;
their secrets, their motives.
Our friend; the sun, he winks,
we sail together he says,
What would all this be ?
If it were not for us; who see.

It makes you wonder.
Is this all for real ?
or is it much ado about nothing.
Thanks to Today Is A Good Day from Flickr for the snap of dusk.

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