Saturday, August 09, 2008

China rising ?

While the whole world is marveling at the supposedly 'spectacular' opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics, I just happened to see this documentary which managed to find concrete evidence of China's involvement in the Darfur crisis. Coupled with China's actions in Tibet, Its intrusions into India, and its support for terrorist countries like Pakistan, one would be excused if he were to think that China it seems, wants to take over the world.

And then the official slogan of the Olympics starts to make sense; "One World, One Dream" or would they rather it be 'One World, One Country: China!'

So anyway, back to Darfur, where, unsurprisingly, the Arab north is trying to wipe out the non-Arab south in a bid to control the oil deposits present there [they have a thing about introducing sharia law or something too]. Now, the UN has been taking care of similar conflicts the world over and has been doing an o-k-a-y job [that is assuming; you haven't seen 'No man's land' in which case I am not fooling anyone]

The main problems are created by these people called the janjaweed who roam around on their gallant steads, with their modern weaponry killing men and gang raping women at will.

Here is a typical janjaweed soldier in his natural habitat:[No, seriously]

Looking at them, one would think that wiping them out would be an easy job especially considering the fact that the modern soldier in his typical habitat looks a bit like this:

I would think a zerg rush of about 5 such soldiers could wipe out the entire janjaweed in a matter of hours, no ?

In other news, India seems to have gotten off to a spectacular start in the Olympics, you know I am kidding right? but the funny part would be the timing of this channel I saw on TV, while the news channels kept blasting the Indian shooters and the archers for their absolutely pathetic 'performances' (more like debacles, amirite ?) this particular channel kept showing slow motion, sepia tinted, pseudo emotional shots of these very same players while saying that these were India's brightest hopes for a medal and that some guy among them was adjudged best athlete in some lame-ass regional sporting tournament and so on and so forth.


Divya said...

haha, yeah i missed the opening but heard it was the awesomest from this friend of mine :D

and you say this! lol!

Nithin "Kitta" Shenoy said...

At last!! We won a gold. I am waiting to see how the Indian media is going to react to this. :)