Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oooh look, Gold! lets get in on the action.

Most people have the opinion that the Times Of India is a gossip paper, and they are right, one needs to look only at a few pages to come to this conclusion, however, branding it as total nonsense is unfair. I have found that it does print some good articles, articles that don't get noticed, A few days ago there was an article on the relevance of Nietzsche's 'God is dead' to India. I am just saying that the TOI does itself a disservice by hyping up its glamorous 'all style; no class' articles while quietly smothering the few articles that are genuinely good.

In still more news, Abhinav Bindra won the gold, and the whole nation has gone wild, as if DDs haphazard, tear inducing, cringe worthy, sorry excuse of a broadcast of the Olympics weren't enough, now they keep peppering in shots from the Men's 10m Air Rifle event more often than Chairman Mao's face pops up on China's propaganda programing. seriously the guy who composed the music must have been tone deaf, and harboring a grudge against DD, and the editing ? and who the hell wants to see the sorry faces of those two commentators who cut in, in the middle of an event being shown live, just to describe it to us in their awful English ? When did we turn blind ? And when did TV become the new radio ?

Can you believe the nerve of the people in our country ? and the government ? What are they getting all charged up about ? They had nothing to do with his success. The whole situation is such a farce, I guess it is a part of our "great" culture.

No one and I mean no one encourages any sort of extra curricular activities in our country, do you know what would happen if I were to have told my dad in 12th that I wanted to pursue music as a profession ? I would have been kicked out of the house with a 'shut the fuck up or I will beat your teeth in, you are either doing medicine or engineering' because according to most Indian parents, these are the only 2 professions worth pursuing, or else you might as well become a drunk vagabond leper who rapes women for a living.

And I meet a few who say things like Indians are not physically strong people, I tell them to go fuck off.

In other news, I have started my essays for Ross, and also a friend and I got together, found the ghost of singlehood and beat the living daylights outta that fool and at least for now, he has been banished. (if you got that, good for you, if you didn't then :P

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