Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I just want to say that I appreciate your coming here.
So here is a gift

Wait... what ? I know that a kiss smiley is not a gift, maybe more of a curse coming from a guy who looks like how I do, but be thankful that the internet is not evolved enough for me to reach through it yet ;D
Relieved at that ?
This relief from said realization being my 'gift'.

Too convoluted ? Send me money or better yet; a new guitar! (preferably a Jackson, I hate Ibanezs)

I WAS a comment whore, but not anymore. So, feel free to leave without saying anything.
It is a free world, right ?
I will be off to Pune for a week starting Saturday.
I am going to meet my closest and best-er-est friend ever; Bhushan, who works there.
Will smoke some, drink some, generally be a public nuisance, and then get back.
The last time I went there, we made fun of a few college kids and some families taking 'walks' in front of us.
Screw them, they wouldn't let us smoke our stuff in peace, and also their dead expressionless eyes from leading a life of extremely bland and boring sheep-ness pissed us off.

An artist's impression of the common Pune sheep, as inferred from historical accounts. Notice the absence of fingers rendering rolling in rizla or cupping a bong virtually impossible. No wonder the bastards are pissed off at those people who CAN.

Until then I shall most probably not put up any posts.
I desperately need the time off for inspiration, as you see, bad reviews and poetry are no longer allowed here.


Divya said...

besterest! :D

you want more guitars? aren't you being a wee bit greedy, o sane blogger?

shall keep coming back! :D

JerryKantrell said...

oh yes! I need more guitars. More I tell ya.

Anonymous said...

ve fun...

JerryKantrell said...

yeah I will, thanks man :D