Monday, June 23, 2008

I am back "ZOMG OH NOEZ!eleventyone!! "

I am back from a beautiful trip to Pune.

In other news:

Carlin is dead.
Arnold and Sly Stallone are gonna star in a Bollywood movie
I am bored as hell as always.
Will be "back" in the true sense in 2 days.
Was able to salvage my college Hard Disk, so I found many photos and my old mp3 collection.

Here is a snap from said collection:

Back in ITPL, when I had my awesome long hair, showing my sensitive, more law abiding side by choosing to walk a distance away from my office and smoking in a secluded spot, trying not to irritate the women non-smokers of the office. Oh, you can't see the full length of my "locks" in this snap.


Varun said...

good photo! how was your trip?

JerryKantrell said...

it was good man, you know Bhushan right, he took care of all the details ?
Did nothing but smoke :D