Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Last Goodbye

So 'reviews' are out of the question, I also swore to myself that I would NEVER EVER put up any more poetry on this blog either.

You see, I love poetry; from Keats to Tennyson, and from Blake to Arthur O'Shaughnessy. That some people can so succinctly put into words subtle and powerful emotions, and also profound insights into our very existence, makes me hate my mediocrity. (as a writer of poems, notice that I did not use the word 'poet')

When I try to write a poem, it usually ends up sounding so cheesy, that I can't believe that I actually published some of them on this very blog, was I drunk ? unfortunately, I was sober most of the times when I did click on that orange 'publish' button, so that is an excuse I cannot use. If I weren't this lazy, I would have gone and deleted them all, but so much for wishful thinking eh ?

I mean my 'poems' are so bad, they'd make those EMO losers on myspace\DA read like Goethe or Shakespeare. To make things worse, I manage to do this without the usual constraints of poetry, concepts such as rhyme, and scansion(meter) are foreign to my 'poetry'. Imagine what would have happened if I tried to adhere to them!

Nothing like a dick\lick rhyme sequence or the oft mocked 'Heroic Couplet' to make your faggoty poem even more uninspired and insipid than it already is.

So here is the last poem that I am ever going to publish:


What do you do ?
When there is too much poison in your life,
When you realize you are screwed,
When you want to get out.


When push comes to shove;
You choose one way,
and make for the other.

Ta Da

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