Thursday, May 08, 2008

Who art thou ?

The Feedjit widget at the bottom of the page is how I keep track of the visitors to my site, though its grossly inaccurate sometimes. I see about 1000 visits since I put up the counter on my blog, though about 900 of those hits must be mine :D
I know 4 people who regularly visit from 1) Arlington, 2) Worcester 3) Surat(Though sometimes its registers as Ahmedabad for some reason) and 4) um... Ok, So I know 3 people.
I occasionally see hits from Bombay, but I do not know who that is.

What I am basically saying is that I would like to know who all visit this lame ass blog of mine, I would be grateful if you could spend a moment of your precious time to write me a comment.

So could you ? Pretty Please ?

3AM and not a wink in sight :(

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