Saturday, May 03, 2008

Shannyn is so pretty!

Do you know what happens when you give a monkey a gun ?
It will shoot at everything in sight.
Why do I ask ?
You'll see.

So does anyone who reads this blog know who Anbumani Ramadoss is ?
Well, he is the Health Minister of our Country, and it seems to me as though our country is still having teething problems with Democracy.

Our man in question is the one who originally thought of banning the portrayal of smoking on screen, which is fair, BUT he cites dubious sounding facts to support his agenda, while referring to the ban on smoking he says "We have statistics to show that 52 percent of children start smoking due to Movie Stars" which I feel is something someone might possibly have just pulled out of his or her @ss. I hope those kids try jumping out of buildings too, just like their stars.

Now our man has turned his attention to the portrayal of drinking on screen, which might actually backfire on him, because as far as I know, in Indian movies its ALWAYS only the Villain who drinks, and then tears up the pretty actress' clothes, and WHAM!!! nine months later she has a kid with the same kind of mole on his face as the villain. In this case I would argue that 'no image' is definitely not preferable to 'bad image' don't you concur ?

If my local newspaper is to be believed, it is possible that he will turn his attention to chips next. Yes, you heard that right, apparently, Potato Crisps and their Trans-Fats are ruining this country. What a sick world are our children going to inherit :(

And in the middle of all of this, what gets Fcuked in the crossfire ?
Our movies(which I can't watch anymore, anyway) go from being steaming bags of crap to sterilized bags of steaming crap. Hurrah, praise the lord our beloved 'The Flying Spaghetti Monster'

Shannyn Sossamon for president of the world!


Varun said...

similar problem here in Estados Unidos de Americano. some senators believe the game Grand Theft Auto shows too much sex and violence, and affects kids. and all the first person shooters are the main reason for school shootings. so they want to ban all of it.

hey sorry i couldnt call last night, i woke up very late. could you give me a missed call t'row night?

JerryKantrell said...

Will do.
yeah and banning Violent games an movies will solve it all! Now what will people do to de-stress ? Shoot people in real life I guess.