Sunday, May 04, 2008

that's why they call me 'NINCOMPOOP'

I finally got to see Futurama's direct to DVD movie 'Bender's big score' and man was I so happy to see Fry and Leela and the rest of the weird gang hehe. Futurama is the perfect example of what happens when you have a physicist working as writer for a cartoon. With a heavy dose of meta-humor, paradoxes, puns, math jokes, etc. I personally find it an amazing show, sadly it had to be canceled but they are producing 4 direct to DVD movies and this one is the first of the 4.

It is a sad fact that Fry and Leela are quite possibly my most favorite couple, and going by their relationship, the movie takes place before the fourth season ends.

The movie itself is good, its random and chaotic which enables the writers to use a variety of gags, mixed in with all the madness, are Fry's attempts to woo Lila yet again, the scenes with the narwhal interspersed with Fry's scenes with Lila's new lover are very sensitive and sad, and even more so considering the fact that this is a cartoon.

My only problem with the movie was that there wasn't enough of Dr. Zoidberg or Professor farnsworth.

My rating 4.5/5 but then again I am biased. A definite must for all Futurama fans.

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