Friday, May 02, 2008

GMAT Prep 'Strategy' for the incurable lazy-ac

So with a 760 (M 50, V 44), I must say that I am satisfied, considering the fact that I must have spent not more than 50-75 hours on my preparation.

Here is my schedule, and I must say that you will need to qualify some of the advice based on your preferences.

In the Quantitative section, I focussed more on the Data Sufficiency questions because the 'Problem Solving' questions are very easy and don't need much work. I always take the statement (b) first as it negates any traps that they may have set in the construction of the question. learn to predict whether the data given is sufficient as implied by the name, you don't need to solve the problem, and if you can do this you will save a lot of time, on the GMATPrep tests, I would finish the section (Quantitative) with about 30 minutes remaining, in the real thing, caution made me finish the test with 10 minutes left.

I ditched probability, combinatorics, and a host of other topics, due to sheer apathy.

My Verbal prep was as follows:

I studied CR from Powerscore one hell of a book, and I can say with confidence that I didn't get a single one of them wrong in the test. I quickly read through Powerscore, did the entire OG11 CR, and about 20 LSAT CRs and that was the end of my CR Prep.

For the RC, I did no serious study, I did the OG11, and about 10 LSAT passages.

I neglected the SC part totally because I was too lazy to learn the rules of grammar, I relied on whatever English I knew from all the reading(or its lack thereof) I have done, I relied on what sounded right, and i am sure this is where I would have lost all my points. (I am a non-native speaker of English as you all know, so if it is your natural tongue, you should have no problems)
One thing I did notice was that, if you eliminated parallelism errors (you know where they compare unlike things) from among the choices, you would be left with 2-3 and then choosing the right answer would become so much simpler. (Almost 90% of the questions will have this error)

And I finished this section, in the real thing, with about 20 minutes to spare.

So there, haphazard preparation, and about 23 movies, and I score a 760 not too shabby and if I can do so, you can expect a retarded dodo to do so too.

Here are my PowerPrep and GMATPrep scores

Before preps

PP 1 720
pp 2 720

After Preps

GMATPrep 1 770
GMATPrep 2 790
GMATPrep 3 780
GMATPrep 4 790

The Real GMAT 760


Varun said...

tried calling you last night, i guess you were asleep. congrats on the score!

Anonymous said...

can bet the score wld upset ur old tcs buddies...shocker for them..personally am appalled...its too high for ur repute ; )

JerryKantrell said...

@varun call me tonight man, thanks

@anon haha yeah!

Anonymous said...

btw be serious wid ur app process..don't screw d good score n the NGO work... ; )

JerryKantrell said...

yeah man thanks, I will, it's just difficult because I am not too comfortable with the capitalistic ideology, but I guess I'll have to figure something out, my career is at stake hehe.