Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Since the opposite sex and my lack of a social life have been frequent topics of discussion the past few days weeks years on this blog, I thought I would ask you guys a question related to this.

Assume that it is sometime in the future, and you are happily(or not) married to someone who is luckily NOT crazy. Maybe you have two adorable kids or a dog whatever. And you realize that your partner has cheated on you.

Would you forgive him\her or would you rather do something more fun and realistic such as bobbitize the dude or shoot her in the face ? Catharsis was never this fun :D

I am genuinely curious!


thesilentq said...

:D am amused and relieved that other people come up with deranged hypothetical questions such as this as well...i asked myself this question a while ago and the answer was i hope id stage a full on tantrum which ends with clothes being chucked out the window and a lot of yelling [with the kids and dog safely with a friend and out of the house] but knowing me id probably be stupid enough to eventually forgive being obsessed with him [the hypothetical future partner] ...lol that was an excessively long reply from someone you dont know.

hi. :)

JerryKantrell said...

deranged and hypothetical is probably the perfect way to describe this question. Although I would have probably used the word 'bat-shit insane' and probably also 'impossible' for all I can imagine when I think about the term future partner is 'Famke' my beautiful Candy Blue Jackson RR3 (that's my guitar BTW) which I know will never 'cheat' on me unless it somehow develops 'sentience' and an ability to feel complex emotions.

But I don't think that I will be able to forgive said 'future partner' because the act would effectively destroy the illusion of 'exclusivity' something which is VERY important for a marriage to work.

So there you go, an even bigger reply, from someone unknown, I hope you feel less awkward now.

Oh yeah, all of this assuming that I am able to get married somehow.

so I see that you can define 'Irony' ?

Anonymous said...

cheated b4 d marriage or after ??

JerryKantrell said...

'after' man, 'before' doesn't really count does it ? at least these days it doesn't.

Anonymous said...

wht if u can't meet each others real needs ; ) hahahaha...Divorce or Cheat

JerryKantrell said...

Since your partner would have already cheated on you, I think the only option would be divorce then.

Divya said...

haha, it's funny you shud ask... i've gone over this many times in my head. :D i'd inject him with an od of adrenaline and see what happens.

[been watching too much dexter and i've been concocting the best way to finish off people without leaving a trace, the other option is to grind up his bones and flush it down the toilet but that requires a pretty heavy duty grinder]
[i'm not this violent normally :D]

JerryKantrell said...

Or you could use a wood chipper, I hear they are good for this sort of thing (I am, otherwise, not this violent either)