Monday, May 12, 2008


I was conversing with an American friend of mine (I was actually chatting, but that word is as sophisticated sounding as the word 'masturbation') when I told him that for some reason, there don't seem to be any single women left in Hyderabad anymore, and that I keep meeting so many women and ALL of them are fucking un-single. (It is not that I have been interested in any of the ones that I have met, but it does prompt the question; 'what if ?')

To this he replies; 'Aww come on man, there are billions of women in the world'

and that was when it hit me, that there are about 3.25 billion women in the world, and I can't even call one of them as a friend, leave alone claiming one to be my girlfriend.

Then, I think that maybe I should drop my standards, to which my mind is quick to reply that I haven't any.

When I was younger, I had these 'qualities', that I wanted any girl I'd go out with, to possess.

For example;

Mundane ones such as;

1) Must be beautiful
2) Must not be fat

so on...

to slightly more ludicrous ones such as'

1) Must have short hair
2) Must be real

you get the picture...

whereas now, after years of modifications, the list has narrowed down to just one condition that she need satisfy, which is;

Must not be a Serial Killer

A condition that would have about 99.99 percent of the world's female population qualify, and yet here I am writing this article, leaving you with the obvious conclusion.


Anonymous said...

hw abt d cab gal ; )u sld get someone like her...

Anonymous said...

n she wasn't a Serial killer..hahahah

JerryKantrell said...

If I meet the cab girl again, I might probably turn into a serial killer Haha